Abstract Index, By Title

Abstracts received so far:

  1. Anatomically preserved gymnosperms from the Late Devonian of Ireland. - KLAVINS, SHARON D.
  2. Chemical characteristics of five fossil conifer species from the Miocene Clarkia Flora, Emerald Creek, Idaho, USA. - OTTO, ANGELIKA*, WILLIAM C. REMBER, AND BERND R. T. SIMONEIT.
  3. Chloranthaceous inflorescence with pollen in situ from the Middle Eocene of Germany, A. - WILDE, VOLKER*, HERBERT FRANKENHAEUSER, AND BIRGIT NICKEL.
  4. Congruence of molecular phylogenies and the Early Cretaceous angiosperm record. - DOYLE, JAMES A.
  5. Cryptospore record indicates a Cambrian origin for land plants, The. - STROTHER, PAUL K.
  6. Earliest occurrence of Medullosa, The. - MAPES, GENE*, KEQIN SUN, MICHAEL KRINGS, GAR W. ROTHWELL, AND ROYAL H. MAPES.
  7. Ecological dynamics of Eocene Lake Florissant, Colorado. - TAGGART, RALPH E. AND AUREAL T. CROSS.*
  8. Enigmatic Axis from the Triassic of Antarctica, An. - MCMANUS, H. A.*, E. L. TAYLOR, T. N. TAYLOR, AND L. D. BOUCHER.
  9. Estimating polyploidy levels from cell size in Salix leaves. - BUECHLER, WALTER K.
  10. Filmy fern from the Upper Triassic of North Carolina, A. - AXSMITH, BRIAN J.*, MICHAEL KRINGS, AND THOMAS N. TAYLOR.
  12. Foliar physiognomic estimates of climate for the latest Cretaceous: comparative sensitivity to transfer function. - SCHERER, JACQUELINE*, GARLAND R. UPCHURCH, JR., GREG H. MACK, AND MARGARET J. KNAUS.
  13. How well do pollen corroborate Eocene leaf taxa?--Florissant Formation, Colorado, a case study. - LEOPOLD, ESTELLA B.
  14. Impression record history and ecological diversification of Pseudotsuga Carriere (Pinaceae) in western North America during the later half of the Cenozoic, The. - SCHORN, HOWARD E.* AND DIANE M. ERWIN.
  15. K-T boundary hiatus, Wasatch Plateau environs, Utah, U.S.A. - CROSS, AUREAL T.* AND MYUNG SUK YI.
  16. Late Devonian forests with the first large trees (Archaeopteris). - SCHECKLER 1, STEPHEN E.*, DONNA L. LINDSAY POSTNIKOFF 2, AND ERIC J. CHAMEROY 1.
  17. Leaves and fruits of Aesculus antiquorum (Newberry) Iljinskaya (Sapindales) from the Paleocene of North America. . - MANCHESTER, STEVEN R.
  18. Morphology of Cunninghamia chaneyi from the Middle Miocene Clarkia flora northern Idaho. - 1REMBER, WILLIAM C.*, ANGELIKA 2OTTO, AND BERND R. T. 2SIMONEIT.
  19. Neogene western North American Nelumbo, Nuphar, and Nymphaea megafossils. - FIELDS, PATRICK F.* AND RALPH E. TAGGART.
  20. New aquatic angiosperm with a floating rosette of leaves from the St. Mary River Formation of southern Alberta, A. - RILEY, MICHAEL G.* AND RUTH A. STOCKEY.
  21. New flora from the Lower Permian Cedar Mesa Sandstone near Canyonlands National Park, Utah, A. - TIDWELL, WILLIAM D.*, LEITH S. TIDWELL, DEBRA L. MICKELSON, DAN S. CHANEY, AND AMANDA L. HANSEN.
  22. New fossil saxifragoid from the Upper Cretaceous of New Jersey, A. - HERMSEN, ELIZABETH J.*, WILLIAM L. CREPET, AND KEVIN C. NIXON.
  23. New species of Pachytesta from the Upper Pennsylvanian Finis Shale of Texas, A. - DUNN, MICHAEL T.
  24. Ovulate cones of Picea from the Lower Pliocene Ch'ijee's Bluff, Yukon Territory, Canada. - SCHWAB, HEIDI C.*, RUTH A. STOCKEY, AND CHARLES E. SCHWEGER.
  25. Paleoclimate of the middle Eocene John Day Gulch Flora, central Oregon. - COOPER, ERIN E.* AND JEFFREY A. MYERS.
  26. Patterns of pteridophyte evolution and diversification in the Cretaceous of southern Gondwana. - NAGALINGUM, NATHALIE S*, ANDREW N DRINNAN, STEPHEN MCLOUGHLIN, AND RICHARD LUPIA.
  27. Peltaspermaceous affinities of "Dicroidium" callipteroides from the earliest Triassic, basal Narrabeen Group, Australia. - RETALLACK, GREGORY JOHN.
  28. Permineralized Pityostrobus cone (Pinaceae) from the Cretaceous of British Columbia, A. - SMITH, SELENA Y.* AND RUTH A. STOCKEY.
  29. Pityostrobus in the Lower Cretaceous of southwestern Russia. - RATZEL, STEPHEN R.*, GAR W. ROTHWELL, ROYAL H. MAPES, GENE MAPES, AND LARISA A. DOGUZHAEVA.
  30. Reconstructing aquatic angiosperms from the Middle Eocene Princeton chert : Decodon allenbyensis . - LITTLE, STEFAN A.* AND RUTH A. STOCKEY.
  31. Reconstruction of the climbing late Paleozoic seed fern Pseudomariopteris busquetii. - TAYLOR, THOMAS N.*, EDITH L. TAYLOR, MICHAEL KRINGS, AND HANS KERP.
  32. Resolving the controversy of the Tar Heel Formation of the eastern United States. - MITRA, MADHUMI AND JAMES E. MICKLE.*
  33. Seed fern Lyginopteris in the Mississippian of North America, The. - TOMESCU, ALEXANDRU MIHAIL FLORIAN.
  34. Seeds of Rhododendron from the Eocene of California. - TIFFNEY, BRUCE H.* AND NORMAN WANG.
  35. Selected fossils from the Santana Formation, Chapada do Araripe, Brazil. - DILCHER, DAVID L.*, ANA FLORA MANDARIM-DE-LACERDA, ALCINA M.F. BARRETO, AND MARY E.C. BERNARDES-DE-OLIVEIRA.
  36. Study of Ternstroemites Leaves and Their Relationships With Living Gordonia. - WANG, XIN* AND DAVID DILCHER.
  37. Survey of the diverse middle Eocene wood assemblage of the Clarno Formation, northcentral Oregon. - WHEELER, ELISABETH A.* AND STEVEN R. MANCHESTER.
  38. Taxonomic diversity among Late Pennsylvanian conifers at Hamilton, Kansas. - LIU, ZHAO HUA*, GENE MAPES, AND GAR W. ROTHWELL.
  39. Taxonomic, phytogeographic and ecological significance of the Yakima Canyon flora (middle Miocene, Washington state, USA). - PIGG, KATHLEEN B.* AND MARIA TCHEREPOVA.
  40. Tracking the radiation and regional extinctions of the genus Cunninghamia (Taxodiaceae). - KESTER, PAUL R.
  41. Trochodendron (Trochodendraceae) from the early middle Eocene Republic Flora, Washington, USA. - PIGG, KATHLEEN B.* AND WESLEY C. WEHR.
  42. Turonian inflorescence bearing perigynous flowers of a lower rosid affinity, A. - BORGARDT, SANDRA J.*, KEVIN C. NIXON, AND WILLIAM L. CREPET.
  43. Two new species of Charliea from Pennsylvanian - Permian strata of New Mexico and Utah. - TIDWELL, WILLIAM D.*, SIDNEY R. ASH, AND LEITH S. TIDWELL.
  44. Ultrastructural variability of lower Paleozoic trilete spores. - TAYLOR, WILSON.
  45. Unique vegetation from the Eocene Cordilleran uplands. - MYERS, JEFFREY A.
  46. Use of multivariate analysis in reconstructing fossil conifers. - HERNANDEZ-CASTILLO, GENARO RODRIGO.
  47. Utility of petrographic thin section analysis of fossil plant material and associated sediments in taphonomic studies: An example from the Oligocene of Texas. - FREILE, DEBORAH* AND MELANIE DEVORE.
  48. Utilization of amateurs in the development of the Stonerose Museum fossil collection. - BARKSDALE, LISA.