Abstract Index, By Senior Author

Abstracts received so far:

  1. BUCKLEY, DONALD. - The "Coverage Dilemma": Can we make room for learning-centered and inquiry-oriented pedagogies with educational technology?
  2. BUCKLEY, DONALD* AND DAVID KRAMER. - Symposium Abstract: Using Educational Technology to Foster Learning Centered Pedagogies. [Symposium Abstract]
  3. DONOVAN, SAM. - The Biology Student Workbench: Resources for Bioinformatics in the Classroom.
  4. MICKLE, JAMES E. - LeafLab: A research simulation to foster the studentsí experience in the process of science.
  5. NIESENBAUM, RICAHRD A. - Using technology to broaden the scientific experience through project based learning.
  6. RUSSELL, SCOTT D. - Interactivity on the Internet and interactive learning environments.
  7. WATERMAN, MARGARET A* AND ETHEL STANLEY. - Investigative Case-Based Learning.