We would like to invite undergraduate biology faculty to discuss teaching strategies for using case-based materials in their courses. We will look specifically at a prototype LifeLines OnLine (BSA version) configured for plant biology at http://bioquest.org/bsalife. LifeLines OnLine is a web based resource of highly contextualized learning materials that uses the accessible, familiar format of a newspaper to support investigative, case-based learning strategies. Students access these materials by reading items of interest, such as headlines, articles, classifieds, editorials, comic strips and obituaries that link to case-based extensions, e.g., interviews, reports, emails, press releases, bibliographies and internet sites. Students decide on questions to investigate, develop portfolios of tools, methodologies and knowledge, and practice coming to defensible resolutions of their questions. It is our goal to support the building of information management skills needed not only for the biology course, but also for lifelong learning.

Key words: case, learning, LifeLines, teaching