Abstract Index, By Title

Abstracts received so far:

  1. Evolution of eastern Asian and eastern North American plant disjunctions: overview and perspectives from phylogenetic studies, The. - WEN, JUN.
  2. Historical biogeography of the Northern Hemisphere symposium abstract. - MANOS, PAUL S.* AND MICHAEL J. DONOGHUE.
  3. Molecular biogeography of temperate and tropical legumes in North America. - LAVIN, MATT*, MARTIN F. WOJCIECHOWSKI, MICHAEL J. SANDERSON, AND ADAM RICHMAN.
  4. Paleobotanical data and the phytogeographic history of holarctic angiosperm clades. - MANCHESTER, STEVEN R.* AND BRUCE H. TIFFNEY.
  5. Phylogenetic Patterns and Divergent Times of Disjunct Taxa: Insights into Historical Biogeography of Angiosperms in the Northern Hemisphere . - XIANG, (JENNY) QIU-YUN* AND DOUGLAS E. SOLTIS.
  6. Phylogenetic patterns of disjunct Fagales: tracking the history of north temperate and subtropical forests. - MANOS, PAUL S.*, ALICE M. STANFORD, AND MICHAEL J. SANDERSON.
  7. Phylogeny of the Styracaceae based on four data sets: implications for the historical biogeography of the northern hemisphere and amphi-Pacific tropical disjunctions. - FRITSCH, PETER W.* AND CYNTHIA M. MORTON.
  8. Physical Influences on Phytogeographic Continuity in the Northern Hemisphere Tertiary. - TIFFNEY, BRUCE H.* AND STEVEN R. MANCHESTER.
  9. Reconciling phytogeographic patterns around the Northern Hemisphere. - DONOGHUE, MICHAEL J.*, CHARLES D. BELL, AND JIANHUA LI.