Abstract Index, By Title

Abstracts received so far:

  1. Biology and conservation of the Ophioglossaceae-A tribute to Warren "Herb" Wagner. - FARRAR, DONALD R.*, CINDY L. JOHNSON-GROH, AND WARREN D. HAUK.
  2. Conservation of rare plants on public lands. - AHLENSLAGER, KATHLEEN E.
  3. Conservation status of Botrychium in the Upper Great Lakes. - MATULA, COLLEEN F.
  4. Conservation Status of Ophioglossaceae in the Southeastern United States, The. - WATKINS, JR., JAMES E.* AND J. DAN PITTILLO.
  5. Conservation status of Ophioglossaceae in the western United States. - ZIKA, PETER* AND KATHLEEN E. AHLENSLAGER.
  6. Conservation status of Ophioglossaceae in southern Alaska, The. - STENSVOLD, MARY CLAY.
  7. Conservation Status of the Ophioglossaceae in the Northeast. - MONTGOMERY, JAMES D.
  8. Evolution and speciation in Botrychium. - FARRAR, DONALD R.
  9. Gametophyte and young sporophyte development in the Ophioglossaceae. - WHITTIER, DEAN P.
  10. Impacts of aerial leaf removal on subsequent year reappearance and size of leaves of the daisy leaf moonwort (Botrychium matricariifolium) and the triangle moonwort (Botrychium lanceolatum var. angustisegmentum). - HOEFFERLE, ANN M.
  11. Overview of the Ophioglossaceae, An. - FARRAR, DONALD R.* AND FLORENCE S. WAGNER.
  12. Phylogeny of the Ophioglossaceae based on molecular and morphological characters. - HAUK, WARREN D.
  13. Population dynamics of Botrychium. - JOHNSON-GROH, CINDY.
  14. Underground distribution and abundance of Botrychium gametophytes and juvenile sporophytes. - JOHNSON-GROH, CINDY, L., LAURA SCHOESSLER*, CHANDA RIEDEL, AND KRISSA SKOGEN.