Abstract Index, By Senior Author

Abstracts received so far:

  1. AHLENSLAGER, KATHLEEN E. - Conservation of rare plants on public lands.
  2. FARRAR, DONALD R. - Evolution and speciation in Botrychium.
  3. FARRAR, DONALD R.* AND FLORENCE S. WAGNER. - An overview of the Ophioglossaceae.
  4. FARRAR, DONALD R.*, CINDY L. JOHNSON-GROH, AND WARREN D. HAUK. - Biology and conservation of the Ophioglossaceae-A tribute to Warren "Herb" Wagner. [Symposium Abstract]
  5. HAUK, WARREN D. - Phylogeny of the Ophioglossaceae based on molecular and morphological characters.
  6. HOEFFERLE, ANN M. - Impacts of aerial leaf removal on subsequent year reappearance and size of leaves of the daisy leaf moonwort (Botrychium matricariifolium) and the triangle moonwort (Botrychium lanceolatum var. angustisegmentum).
  7. JOHNSON-GROH, CINDY, L., LAURA SCHOESSLER*, CHANDA RIEDEL, AND KRISSA SKOGEN. - Underground distribution and abundance of Botrychium gametophytes and juvenile sporophytes.
  8. JOHNSON-GROH, CINDY. - Population dynamics of Botrychium.
  9. MATULA, COLLEEN F. - Conservation status of Botrychium in the Upper Great Lakes.
  10. MONTGOMERY, JAMES D. - Conservation Status of the Ophioglossaceae in the Northeast.
  11. STENSVOLD, MARY CLAY. - The conservation status of Ophioglossaceae in southern Alaska.
  12. WATKINS, JR., JAMES E.* AND J. DAN PITTILLO. - The Conservation Status of Ophioglossaceae in the Southeastern United States.
  13. WHITTIER, DEAN P. - Gametophyte and young sporophyte development in the Ophioglossaceae.
  14. ZIKA, PETER* AND KATHLEEN E. AHLENSLAGER. - Conservation status of Ophioglossaceae in the western United States.