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List of Abstracts received so far:

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  1. ADAMS, CHRISTOPHER A., JERRY M. BASKIN, AND CAROL C. BASKIN.* - Seed dormancy in the Appalachian endemic Aristolochia macrophylla Lam. (Aristolochiaceae). [E]
  2. AHLENSLAGER, KATHLEEN E. - Conservation of rare plants on public lands. [O-symposium]
  3. ALBACH, DIRK C.* AND MARK W. CHASE. - Phylogeny of Veroniceae based on ITS-sequence-analysis - A comparison with morphology, biochemistry, and chromosome number. [S]
  4. ALEXANDER, JASON A.*, AARON LISTON, AND STEVE POPOVICH. - The conservation genetics of Astragalus oniciformis. [S]
  5. ALICE, LAWRENCE A.* AND DUSTIN K. CONOVER. - Systematics of Rubus (Rosoideae; Rosaceae) based on nuclear ribosomal ITS and chloroplast trnK intron DNA sequences. [S]
  6. ALICE, LAWRENCE A.*, GERASSIMO G. BORNEO, AND KHIDIR W. HILU. - Systematics of Chloris (Chloridoideae; Poaceae) and related genera: evidence from nuclear ITS and chloroplast matK sequences. [S]
  7. ALLAN, GERARD J.*, ELIZABETH A. ZIMMER, AND WARREN W. WAGNER. - Biogeographic relationships between western North American and Mediterranean floras: insights from molecular phylogenetic studies of tribe Loteae (Faboideae: Fabaceae). [S]
  8. ALLEN, GERALDINE A.*, DOUGLAS E. SOLTIS, AND PAMELA S. SOLTIS. - Phylogeny, biogeography and character evolution of Erythronium (Liliaceae). [S]
  9. ALLPHIN, LOREEN*, TATE TISCHNER, KEVIN CHASE †, JIM ORF ‡, FRED ADLER †, AND KARL G. LARK †. - Genetics of seed abortion and reproductive traits in soybean, Glycine max (L.) Merr., I. [G]
  10. ALOKAM, SUNEETHA*, CHENDANDA C CHINNAPPA, AND DAVID M REID. - Red/Far red light-mediated shade avoidance stem elongation response and anthocyanin accumulation in alpine and prairie ecotypes of Stellaria longipes . [P]
  11. ANDERSON, GREGORY J. - Professional societies and promotion of the biological sciences: Will this be the "Century of Biology?". [S-symposium]
  12. ANDREASEN, KATARINA* AND BRUCE G. BALDWIN. - Phylogeny, unequal evolutionary rates, and biogeography in the western North American genus Sidalcea (Malvaceae). [S]
  13. ANTOINE, MARIE E.* AND WILLIAM E. WINNER. - Analysis of nitrogen, carbon, and water use by Lobaria oregana, a cephalodiate lichen at the Wind River Canopy Crane site. [L] [Poster]
  14. ARRIAGA, MIRTA O.* AND MARY E. BARKWORTH. - Leaf anatomy in Nassella and other South American Stipoid Grasses. [D] [Poster]
  15. ASMUSSEN, CONNY B.*, MARK W. CHASE, AND MICHAEL ZANIS. - Nuclear 26S rDNA and systematics of monocotyledons. [S]
  16. AXSMITH, BRIAN J.*, MICHAEL KRINGS, AND THOMAS N. TAYLOR. - A filmy fern from the Upper Triassic of North Carolina. [F]
  19. BAINBRIDGE, TROY*, KEVIN CURRAN, SARAH SHAW, AND DARLENE SOUTHWORTH. - Antibodies to Brassica sperm recognize diverse cell types and gametes. [D] [Poster]
  20. BAIRD, GARY I. - A phylogenetic assessment of Chrysothamnus Nutt. (Asteraceae, Astereae). [S] [Poster]
  21. BALDWIN, BRUCE G.* AND BRIDGET L. WESSA. - Molecular phylogenetic evidence for major lineages of helenioid Heliantheae (Compositae). [S]
  22. BANASIAK, ALICJA, S.* AND BEATA ZAGóRSKA-MAREK. - Torreya case indicates autonomy of shoot apical meristem generating phyllotaxy. [D]
  23. BARBER, JANET C.*, JAVIER FRANCISCO-ORTEGA, ARNOLDO SANTOS-GUERRA, KATHRYN TURNER, AND ROBERT K. JANSEN. - Origin of Macaronesian Sideritis L. (Lamiaceae) inferred from sequences of two non-coding regions of chloroplast DNA. [S]
  24. BARBER1, JANET C.*, JAVIER FRANCISCO-ORTEGA2, ARNOLDO SANTOS-GUERRA3, AND ROBERT K. JANSEN1. - Evolution of Sideritis L. (Lamiaceae) in Macaronesia based on an analysis of chloroplast and nuclear datasets. [S]
  25. BARKMAN, TODD J., JOEL R. MCNEAL, GORDON CHENERY, AND CLAUDE W. DEPAMPHILIS.* - Evolutionary genomic analyses converge on basal angiosperm phylogeny. [S]
  26. BARKMAN, TODD J., JOEL R. MCNEAL, NELSON D. YOUNG, AND CLAUDE W. DEPAMPHILIS.* - Multiple origins of parasitism within angiosperms. [S]
  27. BARKSDALE, LISA. - Utilization of amateurs in the development of the Stonerose Museum fossil collection. [F] [Poster]
  28. BARKWORTH, MARY E.*, KATHLEEN M. CAPELS, AND LINDA A. VOROBIK,. - The Manual of Grasses for North America: Progress Report. [S] [Poster]
  29. BASKIN, CAROL C. - New Frontiers in Botany. [Z-symposium]
  30. BASKIN, CAROL C.*, PER MILBERG, LARS ANDERSSON, AND JERRY M. BASKIN. - Germination studies on three dwarf shrubs (Vaccinium, Ericaceae) of Northern Hemisphere coniferous forests. [E]
  31. BASKIN, JERRY M.* AND CAROL C. BASKIN. - Seed dormancy in relation to endocarp anatomy in Anacardiaceae. [E]
  32. BATES, PAUL L.*, JAMES R. ESTES, AND LINDA E. WATSON. - Phylogenetic relationships in the Artemisia ludoviciana complex (Anthemidae/Asteraceae). [S]
  33. BAYER, RANDALL J.*, DAVID G. GREBER, AND NEIL H. BAGNALL. - A phylogenetic reconstruction of Australian Gnaphalieae (Asteraceae) based on four chloroplast and nuclear sequences. [S]
  34. BEARDSLEY, PAUL M.* AND RICHARD G. OLMSTEAD. - A phylogenetic analysis of the genus Mimulus and tribe Mimulueae (Lamiales). [S]
  35. BEILSTEIN, MARK* AND IHSAN AL-SHEHBAZ. - Toward a Phylogeny of the Brassicaceae (Cruciferae). [S]
  36. BELL, CHARLES D.* AND MICHAEL J. DONOGHUE. - Dipsacales phylogeny based on chloroplast DNA sequences. [S] [Poster]
  37. BELL, NEIL E.* AND ANGELA E. NEWTON. - Preliminary studies of characters associated with pleurocarpy in the Rhizogoniaceae (Bryales). [L]
  38. BELL1, TIMOTHY J.*, MARLIN BOWLES2, JENNY MCBRIDE2, AND KAYRI HAVENS3. - Viability analysis of a restored population of the federal threatened Pitcher's Thistle (Cirsium pitcheri) in Illinois. [E] [Poster]
  39. BENNETT, JAMES P. - Algal layer thickness in Parmelia sulcata as an environmental indicator. [L]
  40. BERGGREN1, SCOTT THOMAS*, SANGTAE LEE2, AND JUN WEN3. - Phylogenetic studies in the Amygdaloideae (Rosaceae) using ITS and ndhF sequences. [S]
  41. BERRY, PAUL E.*, AUSTIN R. MAST, WILLIAM H. HAHN, AND KENNETH J. SYTSMA. - Evaluation of sectional delimitations in Fuchsia (Onagraceae) using chloroplast and nuclear DNA sequence data. [S]
  42. BERRYMAN, SHANTI D.* AND BRUCE MCCUNE. - Differences in epiphytic lichen communities and biomass among forest stand types in the Blue River watershed of western Oregon. [L]
  43. BERTIN, ROBERT I.* AND GREGORY M. GWISC. - Sex expression and gynomonoecy in Solidago (Asteraceae). [E] [Poster]
  44. BIDARTONDO, MARTIN I.* AND THOMAS D. BRUNS. - Patterns of extreme specificity in the monotropoid mycorrhizal symbiosis. [E]
  45. BISHOP, JOHN, G. AND WILLIAM F. FAGAN.* - Severe insect herbivory concentrated in low density regions of lupines colonizing Mount St. Helens. [E]
  46. BLARER, ALBERT*, DAN NICKRENT, HANS BäNZIGER, PETER K. ENDRESS, AND YIN-LONG QIU. - Phylogentic relationsships among genera of the parasitic familiy Rafflesiaceae s.l. based on nuclear ITS and SSU rDNA, mitochondrial LSU and SSU rDNA, atp1, and matR sequences. [S] [Poster]
  47. BLATTNER, FRANK R. - Phylogenetic analysis of Hordeumbased on intron sequences of nuclear phospholipase D. [S]
  48. BLATTNER, FRANK R.*, DIRK FISCHER, NIKOLAI FRIESEN, SVEN POLLNER, AND KONRAD BACHMANN. - Molecular markers in Allium,range of application and taxonomic consequences. [S] [Poster]
  49. BOGLER, DAVID J.* AND JAVIER FRANCISCO-ORTEGA. - Phylogeny of the cycads (Cycadales) based on chloroplast DNA gene spacers and ITS rDNA sequences. [S]
  50. BOHS, LYNN. - Slicing up the Solanums: major lineages and morphological synapomorphies. [S]
  51. BONINE, MARY L.*, LLOYD R STARK, D. NICHOLAS MCLETCHIE, AND BRENT D. MISHLER. - Spatial Distribution of Desert Bryophyte Populations. [L] [Poster]
  52. BORGARDT, SANDRA J.*, KEVIN C. NIXON, AND WILLIAM L. CREPET. - A Turonian inflorescence bearing perigynous flowers of a lower rosid affinity. [F]
  53. BORSCH1, THOMAS*, KHIDIR W. HILU2, VOLKER WILDE3, CHRISTOPH NEINHUIS1, AND WILHELM BARTHLOTT1. - Phylogenetic analysis of noncoding chloroplast DNA sequences reveals Amborella as basalmost angiosperm. [S]
  54. BOTHWELL, BRYAN, CHERYL L. LOVELESS, RAYMOND R. BARD, AND MICHAEL D. SNOW.* - Monoterpene levels in Douglas-fir needles in relation to needle midge infestation. [P] [Poster]
  55. BOYD, AMY E. - Geographic variation in morphology and pollinator taxa in Macromeria viridiflora. [S]
  56. BOYD, STEVE. - Vascular flora of the Liebre Mountains, Western Transverse Ranges, California. [S] [Poster]
  57. BRATT, CHARIS C.* AND DANIEL LAHR. - A comparison of the lichens on deciduous and non-deciduous oaks. [L]
  58. BRAY JR., JAMES R. - The genus Fossombronia Raddi in North America, north of Mexico. [L]
  59. BROWN, PATRICK J.* AND DAVID A. DALTON. - Nitrogen fixation, photosynthesis, and growth by Lobaria oregana in an old-growth forest canopy. [L] [Poster]
  60. BRUNET, JOHANNE* AND AARON LISTON. - Breeding system evolution in the genus Thalictrum (meadow rue) Ranunculaceae. [E]
  61. BUCKLEY, DONALD* AND DAVID KRAMER. - Using Educational Technology to Foster Learning Centered Pedagogies. [T-symposium]
  62. BUCKLEY, DONALD. - The "Coverage Dilemma": Can we make room for learning-centered and inquiry-oriented pedagogies with educational technology? [T-symposium]
  63. BUECHLER, WALTER K. - Estimating polyploidy levels from cell size in Salix leaves. [F] [Poster]
  64. BUSCHBOM, JUTTA* AND FRANçOIS LUTZONI. - A molecular phylogenetic study of the genus Porpidia (Porpidiaceae, Ascomycota). [L] [Poster]
  65. BUSS, CRAIG C., THOMAS G. LAMMERS*, AND ROBERT R. WISE. - Systematic implications of seed coat morphology in Cyanea and allied genera of Lobelioideae (Campanulaceae). [S]
  66. BUTTERWORTH, CHARLES A. AND ROBERT S. WALLACE.* - Phylogenetic studies of the Cactus genus Mammillaria Haw. using chloroplast DNA sequence data. [S]
  67. CAMERON, KENNETH M.* AND CHENGXIN FU. - Untangling the catbriers: phylogenetic studies in Smilacaceae. [S]
  68. CAMPBELL, LISA M.*, DENNIS WM. STEVENSON, AND GUSTAVO A. ROMERO-GONZáLEZ. - Anatomical features of Aratitiyopea (Xyridaceae). [D]
  69. CANTINO, PHILIP D.* AND MICHAEL J. DONOGHUE. - Objectives and progress of the PhyloCode project. [S]
  70. CAO, TONG*, SHUILIANG GUO, AND CHIEN GAO. - Comparison of bryoflora and geograpical elements between Racomitrium and Grimmia in China. [L] [Poster]
  71. CAO, TONG*, SHUILIANG GUO, AND WEI SHA. - Distribution of Ptychomitrium muelleri (Mitt.) Jaeg. with its synonyms. [L] [Poster]
  72. CARGILL, D. CHRISTINE. - A taxonomic revision of the genus Fossombronia, suborder Fossombroniineae in Africa. [L]
  73. CARLQUIST, S. AND EDWARD L. SCHNEIDER.* - Anatomical studies of Amborella. [D]
  74. CARTER, CHRISTY TUCKER* AND IRWIN A. UNGAR. - Germination response of Spergularia marina to seasonal changes in temperature and light. [E] [Poster]
  75. CAYOUETTE1, JACQUES*, PAUL M. PETERSON2, BRUCE COULMAN3, AND YASAS FERDINANDEZ3. - Morphological, cytological, and molecular characterization of the Bromus ciliatus complex (Poaceae: Bromeae). [S]
  76. CESKA, ADOLF* AND OLDRISKA CESKA. - Isoetes minima A.A. Eaton (Isoetaceae) - an overlooked terrestrial quillwort of the Pacific Northwest. [O]
  77. CHANDERBALI, ANDRE*, HENK VAN DER WERFF, AND SUSANNE S. RENNER. - Historical biogeography of neotropical Lauraceae. [S] [Poster]
  78. CHANDLER, GREGORY T.*, RANDALL J. BAYER, AND MICHAEL D. CRISP. - Molecular revision of Gastrolobium (Fabaceae: Mirbelieae), using the matK 5' intron, external transcribed spacer and psbA-trnH intergenic spacer. [S]
  79. CHARI, JEANNIE AND PAUL WILSON.* - Factors limiting hybridization between Penstemon spectabilis and Penstemon centranthifolius. [S] [Poster]
  80. CHASE, MARK W., VINCENT SAVOLAINEN*, KEI TAKAHASHI, DOUGLAS E. SOLTIS, AND PAMELA S. SOLTIS. - Large-scale phylogeny of flowering plants 1: simple tree-building methods work better. [S]
  81. CHASSOT, PHILIPPE. - Phylogenetic position of the genus Swertia (Gentianaceae) in the subtribe Swertiinae. [S]
  82. CHATROU, LARS, VINCENT SAVOLAINEN*, MARK W. CHASE, MARTYN POWELL, AND YIN-LONG QIU. - Large-scale phylogeny of flowering plants 2: the faster the better. [S]
  83. CHEPLICK, GREGORY P.* AND HARRY DEMETRI. - Population ecology of the annual grass Triplasis purpurea along the south shore of Staten Island, New York. [E]
  84. CHEPLICK, GREGORY PAUL. - Plasticity of size and architectural traits in relation to fitness in an annual weed. [E]
  85. CHRISTIANSON, MICHAEL L.* AND STEPHEN H. DUFFY. - Salicylate-regulation of development in the moss, Funaria hygrometrica. [L]
  86. CHUMLEY, TIMOTHY W.†*, JOSÉ L. PANERO†, STERLING C. KEELEY‡, AND ROBERT K. JANSEN†. - A phylogeny of the Ecliptinae (Asteraceae: Heliantheae) as inferred from internal transcribed spacer (ITS) sequences, and the origin of Lipochaeta. [S]
  87. CLARKE, H. DAVID* AND VICKI FUNK. - Analyzing checklists and using collections data to investigate plant diversity: An examination of five florulas from northeastern South America. [S]
  88. CLAUSING, GUDRUN* AND SUSANNE S. RENNER. - Phylogenetic relationships and character evolution in Melastomataceae. [S] [Poster]
  89. CLEAVITT, NATALIE L. - Disentangling moss species limitations: the role of substrate specificity. [L]
  90. CLEVINGER, JENNIFER A. AND ELIZABETH M. HARRIS.* - Floral primordia complexes in the Engelmanniinae (Asteraceae: Heliantheae). [D]
  91. COLUMBUS, J. TRAVIS*, MICHAEL S. KINNEY, MARIA ELENA SIQUEIROS DELGADO, AND ROSA CERROS TLATILPA. - Homoplasy, polyphyly, and generic circumscription: the demise of the Boutelouinae (Gramineae: Chloridoideae). [S]
  92. CONTI, ELENA* AND SYLVIA KELSO. - Phylogenetic relationships and character evolution in Primula L.: Results from ITS sequences. [S]
  93. COOK, MARTHA E.* AND COLLEEN A. LAVIN. - Plasmodesmal ultrastructure in the green alga Coleochaete orbicularis (Charophyceae): implications for the evolution of plant plasmodesmata. [D] [Poster]
  94. COONS, JANICE M.*, HENRY R. OWEN, JENNIFER L. FRANKLIN, AND JOHN E. EBINGER. - Reproductive potential of Silvery Bladderpod (Lesquerella ludoviciana). [E]
  95. COOPER, ERIN E.* AND JEFFREY A. MYERS. - Paleoclimate of the middle Eocene John Day Gulch Flora, central Oregon. [F]
  96. COOPER, RANESSA L.* AND DAVID D. CASS. - Leaf structure of Salix species (Salicaceae) endemic to the Lake Athabasca sand dunes of northern Saskatchewan, Canada. [D]
  97. COSTELLO, ANNEMARIE* AND TIMOTHY J. MOTLEY. - Molecular systematics of Tetraplasandra, Munroidendron, and Reynoldsia sandwicensis (Araliaceae) and the evolution of superior ovaries in Tetraplasandra. [S]
  98. COX, CYMON J.* AND TERRY A. J. HEDDERSON. - Molecular phylogenetic analyses of the Bryaceae (Bryales, Musci). [L]
  99. CRANDALL-STOTLER, BARBARA. - Biology and evolution of the Fossombroniineae. [L]
  100. CRANE, PETER R. - Paleobotany: back to the future. [Z-symposium]
  101. CRANFILL, RAYMOND. - Has ecological specialization driven a fundamental phylogenetic split in the Polypodiales? [O]
  102. CRANFILL, RAYMOND. - Phylogenetic utility of plastid ribosomal protein S4 (rps4) in land plants. [S]
  103. CRAWFORD, DANIEL J.*, DONALD H. LES, ELIAS LANDOLT, REBECCA T. KIMBALL, AND JOHN D. GABEL. - A phylogenetic study of the genus Wolffiella (Lemnaceae). [S]
  104. CROSS, AUREAL T.* AND MYUNG SUK YI. - K-T boundary hiatus, Wasatch Plateau environs, Utah, U.S.A. [F]
  105. CROSS, HUGH B.* AND TIMOTHY J. MOTLEY. - Molecular systematics of Hawaiian Peperomia. [S] [Poster]
  106. CYRIL, JENITH*, GARY POWELL, AND WM. VANCE BAIRD. - Cloning and characterization of fatty acid desaturase genes from bermudagrass (Cynodon spp). [G] [Poster]
  107. DANLEY, KIMBERLY, TIFFANY ISAKSEN, NICOLE GARDNER, PAULA RANDALL-YOHO*, AND LOREEN ALLPHIN. - Spatial distribution and sexual dimorphism in dioecious Atriplex garettii Rydb. [E] [Poster]
  108. DATWYLER, SHANNON L.* AND ANDREA D. WOLFE. - Assessment of ISSR band homology by southern hybridization with implications for data analysis and microsatellite development. [G]
  109. DATWYLER, SHANNON L.* AND ANDREA D. WOLFE. - Evolutionary and biogeographic relationships among the wooly-anthered Penstemons (Scrophulariaceae). [S]
  110. DE LUNA, EFRAIN*, HIROMI TSUBOTA, DOLORES GONZALEZ, SACHIKO MAEDA, HIROYUKI AKIYAMA, TOMOTSUGU ARIKAWA, RAY TANGNEY, CYMON J. COX, ANGELA E. NEWTON, KEIKO KOSUGE, MASANOBU HIGUCHI, AND HIRONORI DEGUCHI. - An overview of phylogenetic relationships among families of pleurocarps: implications from variation in 165 rbcL sequences. [L]
  111. DENGLER, NANCY G. - Mentoring graduate students. [D-symposium]
  112. DENTON, AMY L.* AND BENJAMIN D. HALL. - Adaptive radiation of elepidote rhododendrons in the post-Miocene Himalaya: evidence from RNA polymerase III intron sequence data. [S]
  113. DENTON, RENEE GENEVIEVE* AND RAYMOND D. RATLIFF. - Ecology and Management of Trifolium Bolanderi Gray. in the Central Sierra Nevada. [E] [Poster]
  114. DEVORE, MELANIE L. - Tectonism and its impact on the biogeography of South America. [S] [Poster]
  115. DICKINSON, TIMOTHY A.*, RODGER C. EVANS, AND CHRISTOPHER S. CAMPBELL. - Phylogenetic relationships between Crataegus and Mespilus(Rosaceae subf. Maloideae) based on rDNA sequence variation. [S]
  116. DIETRICH, BILL. - Science for People Who Don't Like Science: The Perspective of a Journalist and Novelist. [S-symposium]
  117. DILCHER, DAVID L.*, ANA FLORA MANDARIM-DE-LACERDA, ALCINA M.F. BARRETO, AND MARY E.C. BERNARDES-DE-OLIVEIRA. - Selected fossils from the Santana Formation, Chapada do Araripe, Brazil. [F]
  118. DOBSON, HEIDI E. M.* AND MANFRED AYASSE. - Does larval pollen diet influence host-flower selection in solitary bees? [E]
  119. DONOGHUE, MICHAEL J. - Frontiers in phylogenetic biology. [Z-symposium]
  120. DONOGHUE, MICHAEL J.*, CHARLES D. BELL, AND JIANHUA LI. - Reconciling phytogeographic patterns around the Northern Hemisphere. [S-symposium]
  121. DONOVAN, SAM. - The Biology Student Workbench: Resources for Bioinformatics in the Classroom. [T-symposium]
  122. DOUST, ANDREW, N.L. - Floral morphology and development in Winteraceae. [D]
  123. DOUST, ANDREW, N.L.* AND ELIZABETH, A. KELLOGG. - Patterns of inflorescence development in Setaria (Panicoideae, Poaceae). [D]
  124. DOWNIE, STEPHEN R. - Tribes and clades within Apiaceae subfamily Apioideae: the contribution of molecular data. [S]
  125. DOYLE, JAMES A. - Congruence of molecular phylogenies and the Early Cretaceous angiosperm record. [F]
  126. DR. BOYLE, TATIANA G. - On the comparative analisys of the Pacific Northwest - Northeast Floras. [S]
  127. DUCKETT, JEFFREY G.*, ROBERTO LIGRONE, NEIL ANDREWS, AND KAREN SUE RENZAGLIA. - The enigma of pegged and smooth rhizoids in marchantialean hepatics; a functional explanation. [L]
  128. DUFF, R. JOEL*, MARK DAVIS, AND ANGELA BOYLE. - The fate of conserved ribosomal DNA and protein coding gene clusters during the evolution of land plant mitochondrial genomes. [G]
  129. DULBERGER, RIVKA. - Variation of stigma characters in relation to their function. [D] [Poster]
  130. DUNN, MICHAEL T. - A new species of Pachytesta from the Upper Pennsylvanian Finis Shale of Texas. [F]
  131. EAKIN, DAVID A. - Preliminary results of a study of the unique peristome of the genus Macrohymenium [Sematophyllaceae] using conventional and scanning electron microscopy. [L]
  132. EGAN, TODD P.* AND IRWIN A. UNGAR. - Similarity between seed banks and aboveground vegetation along a salinity gradient. [E]
  133. ELISENS, WAYNE* AND TOD STUESSY. - New frontiers in plant systematics: the next 50 years. Introduction. [S]
  134. ELISENS, WAYNE*, MIA MOLVRAY, PAUL KORES, AND CLAUDE DEPAMPHILIS. - ITS sequence variation among climbing snapdragons (Veronicaceae): implications for delimiting genera and evaluating crossing data. [S]
  135. ELLYSON, WILLIAM J. T.* AND STEPHEN C. SILLETT. - Epiphytic Bryophytes and Llichens on Sitka Spruce Trees in an Old-growth Redwood Forest. [L]
  136. ENDRESS, PETER K.* AND ANTON IGERSHEIM. - Floral structure of Amborella, the earliest branching extant angiosperm. [S]
  138. ERHART, TEMAN*, MARK V. WILSON, AND AARON LISTON. - Population dynamics and conservation biology of Lupinus sulphureus ssp. kincaidii (Fabaceae). [E]
  140. ESSIG, FREDERICK B.*, JAMES R. GAREY, AND JONATHAN M. SLOMBA. - The infrageneric classification of Clematis (Ranunculaceae). [S]
  141. EVANS, RODGER C. AND CHRISTOPHER S. CAMPBELL.* - A multigene tree of the Rosales. [S]
  142. EVANS, RODGER C.* AND CHRISTOPHER S. CAMPBELL. - The polyploid origin of a large clade: Nuclear Granule-Bound Starch Synthase (GBSSI or waxy) gene sequences support a spiraeoid ancestry of the Maloideae (Rosaceae). [S]
  143. FAN, CHUANZHU*, JENNY QIU-YUN XIANG, AND RICHARDSON ADJOA. - Phylogenetic Relationships of Cornus L. Inferred from Nuclear DNA Sequences. [S]
  144. FAN, SHUGUO*, CHENGYE LIANG, AND HONGXIAN LIU. - Identification of restoring and maintaining relationship of male sterile variants of rice (Oryza sativa L.) cultured in vitro. [P]
  145. FAN, SHUGUO*, CHENGYE LIANG, AND HONGXIAN LIU. - In vitro mutation of rice (Oryza sativa L.) from GMS to CMS. [P]
  146. FAN, SHUGUO*, CHENGYE LIANG, AND HONGXIAN LIU. - Somaclonal male sterile mutants and their expressions in male sterile rice (Oryza sativa L.) somaclones. [P]
  147. FARRAR, DONALD R. - Evolution and speciation in Botrychium. [O-symposium]
  148. FARRAR, DONALD R.* AND FLORENCE S. WAGNER. - An overview of the Ophioglossaceae. [O-symposium]
  149. FARRAR, DONALD R.* AND JAMES E. WATKINS. - Morphological differentiation through differential gene silencing in the allotetraploid derivatives of Botrychium lunaria X B. lanceolatum-a partial confirmation of the hypothesis of Werth and Windham. [O]
  150. FARRAR, DONALD R.*, CINDY L. JOHNSON-GROH, AND WARREN D. HAUK. - Biology and conservation of the Ophioglossaceae-A tribute to Warren "Herb" Wagner: symposium abstract. [O-symposium]
  151. FERGUSON, CAROL S.*, KATHLEEN DONHAM, AND JENNIFER BROWN. - Pollination of Clustered lady's slipper orchid, Cypripedium fasciculatum (Orchidaceae). [E]
  152. FERGUSON, CAROLYN J.1* AND BARBARA A. SCHAAL2. - Genetic relationships and variation in populations of Phlox pilosa and P. divaricata (Polemoniaceae) in the Ozarks. [S]
  153. FERGUSON, DIANE M.* AND TAO SANG. - Testing hypotheses of hybrid speciation in peonies (Paeonia; Paeoniaceae) using the low-copy nuclear gene alcohol dehydrogenase (Adh). [S]
  154. FESSEL, KEITH E.* AND BETH A. MIDDLETON. - Survivorship of woody plant seeds in bald cypress swamps in southern Illinois. [E]
  155. FIELDS, PATRICK F.* AND RALPH E. TAGGART. - Neogene western North American Nelumbo, Nuphar, and Nymphaea megafossils. [F]
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