Abstract Index, By Title

Abstracts received so far:

  1. Adaptive phenotypic plasticity in Mimulus guttatus. - RUVINSKY, JESSICA* AND DAVID ACKERLY.
  2. Ant-protection against herbivory and evolution of myrmecophytism in the genus Tococa (Melastomataceae). - MICHELANGELI, FABIAN A.
  3. Black, English, Royal, or Paradox? - developing molecular markers for walnut (Juglans) species, cultivars, and hybrids. - POTTER, DANIEL* AND FANGYOU GAO.
  4. Breeding system evolution in the genus Thalictrum (meadow rue) Ranunculaceae. - BRUNET, JOHANNE* AND AARON LISTON.
  5. Breeding system of Ziziphus celata Judd and D. Hall (Rhamnaceae), a rare endemic shrub of the Lake Wales Ridge, Florida: implications for recovery, The. - WEEKLEY, CARL W.* AND TAMMERA RACE.
  6. Causes and consequences of reproductive isolation between two sympatric Gelsemium species. - PASCARELLA, JOHN B.
  7. Comparative studies of reaction norms in Arabidopsis: evolution of response to coarse and fine grained environmental variation in Scandinavian haplotypes. - PIGLIUCCI, MASSIMO*, HEIDI POLLARD, AND MITCHELL CRUZAN.
  8. Dark induced secondary dormancy in seeds from a Silene latifolia meta population. - PERONI, PATRICIA A.*, JAMES W. WHITE, ALLISON A. CALDWELL, LAURAN HALPIN, AND ADAH WALKER.
  9. Developmentally-dependent interactions between mayapple, Podophyllum pelatum L. (Berberidaceae) and its associated mycorrhizal fungi. - WATSON, MAXINE A.* AND CYNTHIA S. JONES.
  10. Does larval pollen diet influence host-flower selection in solitary bees? - DOBSON, HEIDI E. M.* AND MANFRED AYASSE.
  11. Dogwood decline in the urban New York Botanical Garden Forest. - MORRISON, JANET A.
  12. Dormancy-breaking and germination requirements for seeds of Symphoricarpos orbibculatus (Caprifoliaceae). - HIDAYATI1, SITI, N.*, JERRY, M. BASKIN1, AND CAROL, C. BASKIN1, 2.
  13. Earlier plant flowering as a response to global warming in the Washington, DC, area. - PETERSON1, PAUL M.*, MONES ABU-ASAB2, STANWYN G. SHETLER1, AND SYLVIA STONE ORLI1.
  14. Ecology and Management of Trifolium Bolanderi Gray. in the Central Sierra Nevada. - DENTON, RENEE GENEVIEVE* AND RAYMOND D. RATLIFF.
  15. Ecology and population biology of Ophioglossum pusillum in New England. - MCMASTER, ROBERT T.
  16. Effect of bracteoles on the seeds of two species of Atriplex. - UNGAR, IRWIN A.* AND M. AJMAL KHAN.
  17. Effects of elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide on micro-arthropod populations of the Shortgrass Steppe. - WHITTEMORE-OLSON, A. A.*, A. MOSIER, AND JOHN C. MOORE.
  18. Effects of inbreeding and light treatments on the germination responses of Silene latifolia seeds. - WHITE, JAMES W.*, PATRICIA A. PERONI, DAVID E. MCCAULEY, AND CHRISTOPHER M. RICHARDS.
  19. Evolution of gender dimorphism in Lycium (Solanaceae), The. - MILLER, J. S.
  20. Feeding trials of Giant Swallowtail larvae on Rutaceae in south Florida. - JAMESON, ANNEMARIE.
  21. Floristic survey of Bruno Mire in the central Cascade Range, Oregon, A. - HALSE, RICHARD R.* AND KATHY MERRIFIELD.
  22. Food webs in saxicolous lichens (Xanthoparmelia ssp.) a comparison of lichen, litter, and soil microhabitats. - TRIPP, BRADLEY B. AND JOHN C. MOORE.*
  23. Geitonogamy and the evolution of inflorescence design in Asclepias speciosa. - FINER, MATTHEW S* AND MARTIN T MORGAN.
  24. Germination ecophysiology of the Asian Osmorhiza aristata (Apiaceae), and comparison with its North American congeners. - WALCK, JEFFREY L.1*, NOBUO OKAGAMI2, AND SITI N. HIDAYATI3.
  25. Germination response of Spergularia marina to seasonal changes in temperature and light. - CARTER, CHRISTY TUCKER* AND IRWIN A. UNGAR.
  26. Germination studies on three dwarf shrubs (Vaccinium, Ericaceae) of Northern Hemisphere coniferous forests. - BASKIN, CAROL C.*, PER MILBERG, LARS ANDERSSON, AND JERRY M. BASKIN.
  27. Halophytic fungi from an inland salt playa of the Great Basin. - WEBER, DARRELL J., WILFORD M. HESS*, BULQUES GUL, M. AJMAL KHAN, AND SAM ST. CLAIR.
  28. How sensitive should plants be to cues? Theoretical studies of plastic reproduction schedules. - WONG, THEODORE G.* AND DAVID D. ACKERLY.
  29. Inbreeding depression is variable among populations of rose mallows (Hibiscus species, Malvaceae). - KLIPS, ROBERT A.
  30. Mycorrhizae on Quercus garryana at Whetstone Savanna in Southern Oregon. - VALENTINE, LORI*, HAROLD BERNINGHAUSEN, AND DARLENE SOUTHWORTH.
  31. Patterns of extreme specificity in the monotropoid mycorrhizal symbiosis. - BIDARTONDO, MARTIN I.* AND THOMAS D. BRUNS.
  32. Phenotypic gender modification in Platystemon californicus (Papaveraceae), a wind-pollinated, self-incompatible annual. - HANNAN, GARY L.
  33. Plant diversity and ecology of Protection Island, Washington. - HAYWARD, JAMES L.* AND DENNIS W. WOODLAND.
  34. Plasticity of size and architectural traits in relation to fitness in an annual weed. - CHEPLICK, GREGORY PAUL.
  35. Plugging in: what we have learned in making scientific databases available on the World Wide Web. - PITTAM1, SHERRY KAY*, FRANK JOSEPH HANUS2, AND KEN FERSCHWEILER3.
  36. Pollination of Byrsonima lucida (Malpighiaceae) in southern Florida. - KOPTUR, SUZANNE* AND JOHN HENRY GEIGER.
  37. Pollination of Clustered lady's slipper orchid, Cypripedium fasciculatum (Orchidaceae). - FERGUSON, CAROL S.*, KATHLEEN DONHAM, AND JENNIFER BROWN.
  38. Population dynamics and conservation biology of Lupinus sulphureus ssp. kincaidii (Fabaceae). - ERHART, TEMAN*, MARK V. WILSON, AND AARON LISTON.
  39. Population ecology of the annual grass Triplasis purpurea along the south shore of Staten Island, New York. - CHEPLICK, GREGORY P.* AND HARRY DEMETRI.
  40. Reproductive potential of Silvery Bladderpod (Lesquerella ludoviciana). - COONS, JANICE M.*, HENRY R. OWEN, JENNIFER L. FRANKLIN, AND JOHN E. EBINGER.
  41. Seed dormancy in relation to endocarp anatomy in Anacardiaceae. - BASKIN, JERRY M.* AND CAROL C. BASKIN.
  42. Seed dormancy in the Appalachian endemic Aristolochia macrophylla Lam. (Aristolochiaceae). - ADAMS, CHRISTOPHER A., JERRY M. BASKIN, AND CAROL C. BASKIN.*
  43. Severe insect herbivory concentrated in low density regions of lupines colonizing Mount St. Helens. - BISHOP, JOHN, G. AND WILLIAM F. FAGAN.*
  44. Sex expression and gynomonoecy in Solidago (Asteraceae). - BERTIN, ROBERT I.* AND GREGORY M. GWISC.
  45. Sex-specific life histories and population sex ratios in the dioecious liverwort Marchantia inflexa. - MCLETCHIE, D. NICHOLAS.
  46. Similarity between seed banks and aboveground vegetation along a salinity gradient. - EGAN, TODD P.* AND IRWIN A. UNGAR.
  47. Spatial distribution and sexual dimorphism in dioecious Atriplex garettii Rydb. - DANLEY, KIMBERLY, TIFFANY ISAKSEN, NICOLE GARDNER, PAULA RANDALL-YOHO*, AND LOREEN ALLPHIN.
  48. Spatial genetic structure and clonal diversity of Anemone nemorosa in late successional deciduous woodlands of Central Europe. - STEHLIK, IVANA* AND ROLF HOLDEREGGER.
  49. Spatial pattern analysis of Torchwood in south Florida. - JAMESON, ANNEMARIE.
  50. Survivorship of woody plant seeds in bald cypress swamps in southern Illinois. - FESSEL, KEITH E.* AND BETH A. MIDDLETON.
  51. Temporal changes in germinability and light response of seeds of six common weed species. - LI, XIAOJIE* AND STEVEN A. FENNIMORE.
  52. Twenty-five years of forest succession in southeastern Indiana. - MACMILLAN, PAUL C.* AND LINDSAY M. BETZ.
  53. Understorey vegetation response to alternative forest harvesting methods in southern boreal forests. - JALONEN, JYRKI A.* AND ILKKA VANHA-MAJAMAA.
  54. Variation in fluctuating asymmetry among genotypes of Glechoma hederacea. - WILSON, CHESTER E.* AND ERIN L. BRASSIL.
  55. Variation in the expression of developmental and phenological traits in mayapple, Podophyllum pelatum L. (Berberidaceae). - WATSON, MAXINE A.*, CYNTHIA S. JONES, AND YING LU.
  56. Vegetation transect of the south slope of Pine Mountain, Kentucky: changes since E. Lucy Braun and chestnut blight, A. - HAWKINS, TRACY S.
  57. Viability analysis of a restored population of the federal threatened Pitcher's Thistle (Cirsium pitcheri) in Illinois. - BELL1, TIMOTHY J.*, MARLIN BOWLES2, JENNY MCBRIDE2, AND KAYRI HAVENS3.