Abstract Index, By Senior Author

Abstracts received so far:

  1. ARRIAGA, MIRTA O.* AND MARY E. BARKWORTH. - Leaf anatomy in Nassella and other South American Stipoid Grasses. [Poster]
  2. BAINBRIDGE, TROY*, KEVIN CURRAN, SARAH SHAW, AND DARLENE SOUTHWORTH. - Antibodies to Brassica sperm recognize diverse cell types and gametes. [Poster]
  3. BANASIAK, ALICJA, S.* AND BEATA ZAGóRSKA-MAREK. - Torreya case indicates autonomy of shoot apical meristem generating phyllotaxy.
  4. CAMPBELL, LISA M.*, DENNIS WM. STEVENSON, AND GUSTAVO A. ROMERO-GONZáLEZ. - Anatomical features of Aratitiyopea (Xyridaceae).
  5. CARLQUIST, S. AND EDWARD L. SCHNEIDER.* - Anatomical studies of Amborella.
  6. CLEVINGER, JENNIFER A. AND ELIZABETH M. HARRIS.* - Floral primordia complexes in the Engelmanniinae (Asteraceae: Heliantheae).
  7. COOK, MARTHA E.* AND COLLEEN A. LAVIN. - Plasmodesmal ultrastructure in the green alga Coleochaete orbicularis (Charophyceae): implications for the evolution of plant plasmodesmata. [Poster]
  8. COOPER, RANESSA L.* AND DAVID D. CASS. - Leaf structure of Salix species (Salicaceae) endemic to the Lake Athabasca sand dunes of northern Saskatchewan, Canada.
  9. DOUST, ANDREW, N.L. - Floral morphology and development in Winteraceae.
  10. DOUST, ANDREW, N.L.* AND ELIZABETH, A. KELLOGG. - Patterns of inflorescence development in Setaria (Panicoideae, Poaceae).
  11. DULBERGER, RIVKA. - Variation of stigma characters in relation to their function. [Poster]
  12. FISHBEIN, MARK*, LARRY HUFFORD, AND DOUGLAS E. SOLTIS. - Reversals to hypogyny in Saxifragales: comparative ontogenies and evolutionary correlates.
  13. FLOYD, SANDRA K.* AND WILLIAM E. FRIEDMAN. - Endosperm development in Amborella trichopoda:implications for the origin and early evolution of angiosperm reproductive biology.
  14. GERRATH, JEAN M. - Tendril development in Antigonon leptopus Hook. & Arn. (Polygonaceae).
  15. GIBSON, J. PHIL. - Developmental differences between ray and disc achenes in heteromorphic species of Prionopsis and Heterotheca.
  16. GOLA, EDYTA M. - Formation of phyllotactic patterns in cactus seedlings. [Poster]
  17. GOLA, EDYTA M. - Lycopod vasculature - unique system in plants.
  18. HARDY, CHRISTOPHER R.* AND DENNIS WM. STEVENSON. - The unusual androecium and pollination system in Cochliostema (Commelinaceae).
  19. HILL, JEFFREY P. - Sporophyll pinna meristem development in Ceratopteris richardii.
  20. HORNER, HARRY T.*, ALBERT P. KAUSCH, AND BRUCE L. WAGNER. - Ascorbic acid serves as precursor for oxalate synthesis in calcium oxalate idioblasts of Yucca torreyi in liquid root culture.
  21. HOU, GUI-CHUAN* AND JEFFREY P. HILL. - Root development in sporelings of Ceratopteris richardii. [Poster]
  22. KANTZ, KATHERINE E.* AND SHIRLEY C. TUCKER. - Floral development of Chrysobalanus icaco L. and Licania michauxii Prance (Chrysobalanaceae): stamen number and formation of the gynobasic style.
  23. KIRCHOFF, BRUCE*, SONJA CAUBLE, ELIZABETH SHELTON, AND ALLYSON PREVETTE. - The Structure of the Banana Inflorescence. [Poster]
  24. KORN, ROBERT W. - Developmental leaf spots.
  25. KRISTIANSEN, KIM A. - Typical orchid mycorrhiza and protocorm seedling biology found in Neuwiedia.
  26. KUZOFF, ROBERT K.*, JOHN L. BOWMAN, AND CHARLES S. GASSER. - Structural and functional diversification of the YABBY gene family across angiosperms.
  27. LANDRUM, JAMES VICTOR. - Effects of hormones on wide-band tracheid expression in stems of Anacampseros (Portulacaceae). [Poster]
  28. LANDRUM, JAMES VICTOR. - Light intensity as the primary factor for wide-band tracheid initiation and develoment in stems of Anacampseros (Portulacaceae). [Poster]
  29. LEE, DAVID W.*, GEORGE T. TAYLOR, AND ANTHONY K. IRVINE. - Structural Fruit Color in Delarbrea michieana (Araliaceae).
  30. LUCAS, JESSICA R.* AND KAREN S. RENZAGLIA. - Anatomy, ultrastructure and physiology of hornwort stomata: an evaluation of homology. [Poster]
  31. LUCKOW, MELISSA. - Leaf anatomy of three genera of Malagasy mimosoid legumes: adaptations to xeric habitats.
  32. MELOCHE, CHRISTOPHER G.* AND PAMELA K. DIGGLE. - Patterns of carbon allocation in Acomastylis rossii(Rosaceae) an alpine plant exhibiting extreme preformation.
  33. MIKESELL, JAN E. - Correlation of overcompensation and the breaking of apical dominance in Phaseolus aureus .
  34. NIELD, BECKY A.* AND JEFFREY P. HILL. - Molecular genetic studies of gender expression in angiosperms: early ovule development in Nicotiana tabacum. [Poster]
  35. PETERSON, CURT M., LIWEI CHEN, ROLAND R DUTE, AND MANDY N. ROGERS.* - Petiole Abscission in Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.): Anatomical and Ultrastructural Observations. [Poster]
  36. RUSSELL, SCOTT D.1*, ZHAOJIE ZHANG1, HUILING XU2, PREM BHALLA2, AND MOHAN B. SINGH2. - Plumbago zeylanica sperm isolation, collection and cDNA library characterization.
  37. SALTER, JOSHUA* AND JOHN E. BRAGGINS. - Comparative embryology of two New Zealand forest giants, Prumnopitys taxifolia and P.ferruginea (Podocarpaceae).
  38. SCHNEIDER, HARALD* AND KATHLEEN M. PRYER. - Spore morphology of heterosporous ferns and its possible implications for understanding the evolution of the seed habit.
  39. SEAGO, JAMES L., JR. - The root cortex of the water lilies and lotuses.
  40. SOLTIS, DOUGLAS E.*, LARRY HUFFORD, AND ROBERT K. KUZOFF. - Gynoecial diversification in Saxifragaceae: clarifying the evolution of epigyny.
  41. STEINMANN, VICTOR W. - Comparative anatomy of the New World succulent Euphorbia(Euphorbiaceae).
  42. SUD, RUCHIRA M.* AND NANCY G. DENGLER. - Cell lineage of vein formation in variegated leaves of the C4 grass Stenotaphrum secundatum.
  43. SUN, XIAOYONG AND ROGER D. MEICENHEIMER.* - Auxin Distribution in Pisum sativum Shoot Apical Meristems. [Poster]
  44. TARBAEVA, VERONICA. - Structural evolution of seeds in gymnosperms.
  45. TURNER, GLENN W.* AND RODNEY B. CROTEAU. - Development of peltate glandular trichomes of peppermint.
  46. ZAGóRSKA-MAREK, BEATA AND ALICJA, S. BANASIAK.* - Vascular homodromy in branching shoots of conifers. [Poster]