Abstract Index, By Title

Abstracts received so far:

  1. Adaptations to aridity of pitayo (Stenocereus queretaroensis, Cactaceae). - PIMIENTA, EULOGIO*, ALEJANDRO MUņOZ, AND MARTIN HUERTA.
  2. Botany global issue map and Web site. - KIPP, ERICA.
  3. Characterization of a specialized cell layer in the soybean pod wall and its potential role in wound response . - DUBBS, WESLEY EMANUEL* AND HOWARD GRIMES.
  4. Development of the shoot vascular system in the rattan palm Calamus. - TOMLINSON1, P. BARRY*, RUSSELL E. SPANGLER1, AND GORD LEMON2.
  5. Early inbreeding depression and the mating system of western redcedar. - O'CONNELL, LISA M.* AND KERMIT RITLAND.
  6. Epiphyte community composition and species diversity in primary and secondary montane cloud forest, Costa Rica. - MERWIN, MARK C.
  7. Genetic variation among populations of Solidago riddellii. - VANDERPOOL, STARIA S.* AND LINH V. HOANG.
  8. Genetic variation and differentiation in Hypericum nagasawai, an endemic plant in Taiwan. - CHEN, CHARLES*, KERMIT RITLAND, AND SHONG HUANG.
  9. High level of intraspecific variation of rbcL sequences and molecular systematics of the Old World Ophioglossaceae . - MURAKAMI, NORIAKI*, YOKO YATABE, TAKESHI SUZUKI, AND NORIO SAHASHI.
  10. Leader branch angles, tension wood differentiation and crown geometry in Eucalyptus tereticornis. - KARTHIKEYAN, A.V.P.* AND K.V. KRISHNAMURTHY.
  11. Major evolutionary events in the origin and diversification of the fern genus Polystichum (Dryopteridaceae). - LITTLE, DAMON P. AND DAVID S. BARRINGTON.*
  12. Marker-estimated heritabilities and spatial patterns of relatedness in a natural forest stand of mountain hemlock (Tsuga mertensiana). - ALLY, DILARA* AND KERMIT RITLAND.
  13. Phylogenetic relationships in the Hydrocharitaceae. - SOROS, CONNIE L.*, DONALD H. LES, MICHAEL L. MOODY, AND USHER POSLUSZNY.
  14. Phylogenetic relationships of Santalales based on rbcL and 18S with special reference to Olacaceae. - NICKRENT, DANIEL L. AND VALERY MALECOT.*
  15. Phylogeny and diversification of ovary position in Miconieae, Merianieae, and Blakeeae (Melastomataceae). - HILS, MATTHEW H.*, MICHAEL ZANIS, MICHELLE MCMAHON, AND DOUGLAS E. SOLTIS.
  16. Phylogeny of the carnivorous plant family Lentibulariaceae inferred from rps16 and trnL-F sequence data. - JOBSON1, RICHARD W*, VICTOR A ALBERT2, KENNETH M CAMERON3, AND JULIA PLAYFORD1.
  17. Sectional Relationships in Bulbophyllum (Orchidaceae). - BUTHOD, AMY AND MIA MOLVRAY.*
  18. Separating the effects of gene flow and population history: a phylogeographic study of Delphinium nuttalliiusing nested clade analysis. - DODD, ATHENA* AND KEITH KAROLY.
  19. Study of megafossil leaves from the Aguja Formation, Big Bend National Park, Texas, A. - BAGAHI-RIDING, NINA L.
  20. Taxonomy of Zoysia (Poaceae): morphological and molecular variation. - ANDERSON, SHARON J.
  21. Towards a phylogeny of the genus Tarasa (Malvaceae): Evolution in the high Andes. - TATE, JENNIFER A.* AND BERYL B. SIMPSON.
  22. Vegetative reproduction as related to biomechanics and anatomy for cholla species in the Sonoran Desert. - BOBICH, EDWARD G.* AND PARK S. NOBEL.