Funding agencies are insisting that scientific research data be published on the web. They are requiring that funded projects make the data available on the web to the public and to other researchers. Of course, issues of privacy, security and sensitivity must be addressed. In making this data easily available on the Web we have developed methods and software designed with the research scientist, typically a person not trained in computer science, in mind. The software is implemented to minimize the use of restrictive and arcane database and programming languages utilized in conventional Web-to-database sites. We will present a demonstration of the power of this approach to web accessible database development. We will also present several biological research projects and teaching tools implemented using the methods and software designed by our research team and often maintained by the scientists themselves. Each project was publically funded, had data in a spreadsheet or PC/MAC database and held information that was of interest to other scientists. That data is now available on the Web from interfaces that allows the user to query for results and should the database owner decide, to download the data. This data is being used by school students, teachers, other researchers, government agencies and the general public.

Key words: database, internet, teaching tools, web, WWW