In 1995, the Botanical Society of America identified major educational goals for the future of plant science in their report Botany for the Next Millennium. One of the primary "calls to action" was to "promote effective botanical education of K-12". In response to this call, the Education Committee and the Teaching Section of BSA has led a national effort to help K-12 teachers learn how to use plants to teach general biology principles. In addition, BSA is collaborating with other organizations to advance botanical education at both the precollege and undergraduate levels. These organizations include American Society of Plant Physiologists, Project Kaleidoscope, American Phytopathological Society, American Society of Agronomy, Coalition for Education in the Life Sciences, BioQUEST, American Institute of Biological Sciences, National Association of Biology Teachers, and National Association of Science Teachers. This presentation will report on the success of past workshops and outreach activities that BSA has sponsored. A discussion will follow to generate additional ideas and suggestions for additional improvement in outreach opportunities and effectiveness.

Key words: bioeducation, botanical education, K-12, precollege education, undergraduate education