Abstract Index, By Senior Author

Abstracts received so far:

  1. ALBACH, DIRK C.* AND MARK W. CHASE. - Phylogeny of Veroniceae based on ITS-sequence-analysis - A comparison with morphology, biochemistry, and chromosome number.
  2. ALEXANDER, JASON A.*, AARON LISTON, AND STEVE POPOVICH. - The conservation genetics of Astragalus oniciformis.
  3. ALICE, LAWRENCE A.* AND DUSTIN K. CONOVER. - Systematics of Rubus (Rosoideae; Rosaceae) based on nuclear ribosomal ITS and chloroplast trnK intron DNA sequences.
  4. ALICE, LAWRENCE A.*, GERASSIMO G. BORNEO, AND KHIDIR W. HILU. - Systematics of Chloris (Chloridoideae; Poaceae) and related genera: evidence from nuclear ITS and chloroplast matK sequences.
  5. ALLAN, GERARD J.*, ELIZABETH A. ZIMMER, AND WARREN W. WAGNER. - Biogeographic relationships between western North American and Mediterranean floras: insights from molecular phylogenetic studies of tribe Loteae (Faboideae: Fabaceae).
  6. ALLEN, GERALDINE A.*, DOUGLAS E. SOLTIS, AND PAMELA S. SOLTIS. - Phylogeny, biogeography and character evolution of Erythronium (Liliaceae).
  7. ANDREASEN, KATARINA* AND BRUCE G. BALDWIN. - Phylogeny, unequal evolutionary rates, and biogeography in the western North American genus Sidalcea (Malvaceae).
  8. ASMUSSEN, CONNY B.*, MARK W. CHASE, AND MICHAEL ZANIS. - Nuclear 26S rDNA and systematics of monocotyledons.
  11. BAIRD, GARY I. - A phylogenetic assessment of Chrysothamnus Nutt. (Asteraceae, Astereae). [Poster]
  12. BALDWIN, BRUCE G.* AND BRIDGET L. WESSA. - Molecular phylogenetic evidence for major lineages of helenioid Heliantheae (Compositae).
  13. BARBER, JANET C.*, JAVIER FRANCISCO-ORTEGA, ARNOLDO SANTOS-GUERRA, KATHRYN TURNER, AND ROBERT K. JANSEN. - Origin of Macaronesian Sideritis L. (Lamiaceae) inferred from sequences of two non-coding regions of chloroplast DNA.
  14. BARBER1, JANET C.*, JAVIER FRANCISCO-ORTEGA2, ARNOLDO SANTOS-GUERRA3, AND ROBERT K. JANSEN1. - Evolution of Sideritis L. (Lamiaceae) in Macaronesia based on an analysis of chloroplast and nuclear datasets.
  15. BARKMAN, TODD J., JOEL R. MCNEAL, GORDON CHENERY, AND CLAUDE W. DEPAMPHILIS.* - Evolutionary genomic analyses converge on basal angiosperm phylogeny.
  16. BARKMAN, TODD J., JOEL R. MCNEAL, NELSON D. YOUNG, AND CLAUDE W. DEPAMPHILIS.* - Multiple origins of parasitism within angiosperms.
  17. BARKWORTH, MARY E.*, KATHLEEN M. CAPELS, AND LINDA A. VOROBIK,. - The Manual of Grasses for North America: Progress Report. [Poster]
  18. BATES, PAUL L.*, JAMES R. ESTES, AND LINDA E. WATSON. - Phylogenetic relationships in the Artemisia ludoviciana complex (Anthemidae/Asteraceae).
  19. BAYER, RANDALL J.*, DAVID G. GREBER, AND NEIL H. BAGNALL. - A phylogenetic reconstruction of Australian Gnaphalieae (Asteraceae) based on four chloroplast and nuclear sequences.
  20. BEARDSLEY, PAUL M.* AND RICHARD G. OLMSTEAD. - A phylogenetic analysis of the genus Mimulus and tribe Mimulueae (Lamiales).
  21. BEILSTEIN, MARK* AND IHSAN AL-SHEHBAZ. - Toward a Phylogeny of the Brassicaceae (Cruciferae).
  22. BELL, CHARLES D.* AND MICHAEL J. DONOGHUE. - Dipsacales phylogeny based on chloroplast DNA sequences. [Poster]
  23. BERGGREN1, SCOTT THOMAS*, SANGTAE LEE2, AND JUN WEN3. - Phylogenetic studies in the Amygdaloideae (Rosaceae) using ITS and ndhF sequences.
  24. BERRY, PAUL E.*, AUSTIN R. MAST, WILLIAM H. HAHN, AND KENNETH J. SYTSMA. - Evaluation of sectional delimitations in Fuchsia (Onagraceae) using chloroplast and nuclear DNA sequence data.
  25. BLARER, ALBERT*, DAN NICKRENT, HANS BäNZIGER, PETER K. ENDRESS, AND YIN-LONG QIU. - Phylogentic relationsships among genera of the parasitic familiy Rafflesiaceae s.l. based on nuclear ITS and SSU rDNA, mitochondrial LSU and SSU rDNA, atp1, and matR sequences. [Poster]
  26. BLATTNER, FRANK R. - Phylogenetic analysis of Hordeumbased on intron sequences of nuclear phospholipase D.
  27. BLATTNER, FRANK R.*, DIRK FISCHER, NIKOLAI FRIESEN, SVEN POLLNER, AND KONRAD BACHMANN. - Molecular markers in Allium,range of application and taxonomic consequences. [Poster]
  28. BOGLER, DAVID J.* AND JAVIER FRANCISCO-ORTEGA. - Phylogeny of the cycads (Cycadales) based on chloroplast DNA gene spacers and ITS rDNA sequences.
  29. BOHS, LYNN. - Slicing up the Solanums: major lineages and morphological synapomorphies.
  30. BORSCH1, THOMAS*, KHIDIR W. HILU2, VOLKER WILDE3, CHRISTOPH NEINHUIS1, AND WILHELM BARTHLOTT1. - Phylogenetic analysis of noncoding chloroplast DNA sequences reveals Amborella as basalmost angiosperm.
  31. BOYD, AMY E. - Geographic variation in morphology and pollinator taxa in Macromeria viridiflora.
  32. BOYD, STEVE. - Vascular flora of the Liebre Mountains, Western Transverse Ranges, California. [Poster]
  33. BUSS, CRAIG C., THOMAS G. LAMMERS*, AND ROBERT R. WISE. - Systematic implications of seed coat morphology in Cyanea and allied genera of Lobelioideae (Campanulaceae).
  34. BUTTERWORTH, CHARLES A. AND ROBERT S. WALLACE.* - Phylogenetic studies of the Cactus genus Mammillaria Haw. using chloroplast DNA sequence data.
  35. CAMERON, KENNETH M.* AND CHENGXIN FU. - Untangling the catbriers: phylogenetic studies in Smilacaceae.
  36. CANTINO, PHILIP D.* AND MICHAEL J. DONOGHUE. - Objectives and progress of the PhyloCode project.
  37. CAYOUETTE1, JACQUES*, PAUL M. PETERSON2, BRUCE COULMAN3, AND YASAS FERDINANDEZ3. - Morphological, cytological, and molecular characterization of the Bromus ciliatus complex (Poaceae: Bromeae).
  38. CHANDERBALI, ANDRE*, HENK VAN DER WERFF, AND SUSANNE S. RENNER. - Historical biogeography of neotropical Lauraceae. [Poster]
  39. CHANDLER, GREGORY T.*, RANDALL J. BAYER, AND MICHAEL D. CRISP. - Molecular revision of Gastrolobium (Fabaceae: Mirbelieae), using the matK 5' intron, external transcribed spacer and psbA-trnH intergenic spacer.
  40. CHARI, JEANNIE AND PAUL WILSON.* - Factors limiting hybridization between Penstemon spectabilis and Penstemon centranthifolius. [Poster]
  41. CHASE, MARK W., VINCENT SAVOLAINEN*, KEI TAKAHASHI, DOUGLAS E. SOLTIS, AND PAMELA S. SOLTIS. - Large-scale phylogeny of flowering plants 1: simple tree-building methods work better.
  42. CHASSOT, PHILIPPE. - Phylogenetic position of the genus Swertia (Gentianaceae) in the subtribe Swertiinae.
  43. CHATROU, LARS, VINCENT SAVOLAINEN*, MARK W. CHASE, MARTYN POWELL, AND YIN-LONG QIU. - Large-scale phylogeny of flowering plants 2: the faster the better.
  44. CHUMLEY, TIMOTHY W.†*, JOSÉ L. PANERO†, STERLING C. KEELEY‡, AND ROBERT K. JANSEN†. - A phylogeny of the Ecliptinae (Asteraceae: Heliantheae) as inferred from internal transcribed spacer (ITS) sequences, and the origin of Lipochaeta.
  45. CLARKE, H. DAVID* AND VICKI FUNK. - Analyzing checklists and using collections data to investigate plant diversity: An examination of five florulas from northeastern South America.
  46. CLAUSING, GUDRUN* AND SUSANNE S. RENNER. - Phylogenetic relationships and character evolution in Melastomataceae. [Poster]
  47. COLUMBUS, J. TRAVIS*, MICHAEL S. KINNEY, MARIA ELENA SIQUEIROS DELGADO, AND ROSA CERROS TLATILPA. - Homoplasy, polyphyly, and generic circumscription: the demise of the Boutelouinae (Gramineae: Chloridoideae).
  48. CONTI, ELENA* AND SYLVIA KELSO. - Phylogenetic relationships and character evolution in Primula L.: Results from ITS sequences.
  49. COSTELLO, ANNEMARIE* AND TIMOTHY J. MOTLEY. - Molecular systematics of Tetraplasandra, Munroidendron, and Reynoldsia sandwicensis (Araliaceae) and the evolution of superior ovaries in Tetraplasandra.
  50. CRANFILL, RAYMOND. - Phylogenetic utility of plastid ribosomal protein S4 (rps4) in land plants.
  51. CRAWFORD, DANIEL J.*, DONALD H. LES, ELIAS LANDOLT, REBECCA T. KIMBALL, AND JOHN D. GABEL. - A phylogenetic study of the genus Wolffiella (Lemnaceae).
  52. CROSS, HUGH B.* AND TIMOTHY J. MOTLEY. - Molecular systematics of Hawaiian Peperomia. [Poster]
  53. DATWYLER, SHANNON L.* AND ANDREA D. WOLFE. - Evolutionary and biogeographic relationships among the wooly-anthered Penstemons (Scrophulariaceae).
  54. DENTON, AMY L.* AND BENJAMIN D. HALL. - Adaptive radiation of elepidote rhododendrons in the post-Miocene Himalaya: evidence from RNA polymerase III intron sequence data.
  55. DEVORE, MELANIE L. - Tectonism and its impact on the biogeography of South America. [Poster]
  56. DICKINSON, TIMOTHY A.1,2*, RODGER C. EVANS2, AND CHRISTOPHER S. CAMPBELL2. - Phylogenetic relationships between Crataegus and Mespilus (Rosaceae subf. Maloideae) based on rDNA sequence variation.
  57. DOWNIE, STEPHEN R. - Tribes and clades within Apiaceae subfamily Apioideae: the contribution of molecular data.
  58. DR. BOYLE, TATIANA G. - On the comparative analisys of the Pacific Northwest - Northeast Floras.
  59. ELISENS, WAYNE*, MIA MOLVRAY, PAUL KORES, AND CLAUDE DEPAMPHILIS. - ITS sequence variation among climbing snapdragons (Veronicaceae): implications for delimiting genera and evaluating crossing data.
  60. ENDRESS, PETER K.* AND ANTON IGERSHEIM. - Floral structure of Amborella, the earliest branching extant angiosperm.
  62. ESSIG, FREDERICK B.*, JAMES R. GAREY, AND JONATHAN M. SLOMBA. - The infrageneric classification of Clematis (Ranunculaceae).
  63. EVANS, RODGER C. AND CHRISTOPHER S. CAMPBELL.* - A multigene tree of the Rosales.
  64. EVANS, RODGER C.* AND CHRISTOPHER S. CAMPBELL. - The polyploid origin of a large clade: Nuclear Granule-Bound Starch Synthase (GBSSI or waxy) gene sequences support a spiraeoid ancestry of the Maloideae (Rosaceae).
  65. FAN, CHUANZHU*, JENNY QIU-YUN XIANG, AND RICHARDSON ADJOA. - Phylogenetic Relationships of Cornus L. Inferred from Nuclear DNA Sequences.
  66. FERGUSON, CAROLYN J.1* AND BARBARA A. SCHAAL2. - Genetic relationships and variation in populations of Phlox pilosa and P. divaricata (Polemoniaceae) in the Ozarks.
  67. FERGUSON, DIANE M.* AND TAO SANG. - Testing hypotheses of hybrid speciation in peonies (Paeonia; Paeoniaceae) using the low-copy nuclear gene alcohol dehydrogenase (Adh).
  68. FREID, ETHAN. - Leaf anatomy of the tribe Coccolobeae (Polygonaceae).
  69. FREID, ETHAN. - Stem and nodal anatomy of the tribe Coccolobeae (Polygonaceae).
  70. FREID, ETHAN. - Stem, node, petiole, and leaf anatomy of Coccolobeae (Polygonaceae) and its systematic implications.
  71. FREUDENSTEIN, JOHN V.*, DIANA M. SENYO, AND MARK W. CHASE. - Phylogenetic implications and comparative utility of 26S and ITS2 sequences in Orchidaceae.
  72. FUERTES AGUILAR, JAVIER*, BELéN GUTIéRREZ LARENA, AND GONZALO NIETO FELINER. - Reticulate evolution along an altitudinal gradient in Armeria (Plumbaginaceae) inferred from ITS, cpDNA, and morphology.
  73. GABEL, JOHN D.*, DONALD H. LES, W. ALAN CHARLTON, AND ALLEN J. COOMBES. - Phylogeny of Azara (Flacourtiaceae).
  74. GERNANDT, DAVID S., AARON LISTON*, AND DANIEL PIÑERO. - Nuclear ribosomal DNA internal transcribed spacer region polymorphism and its implications for phylogenetic inference in Pinus subsection Cembroides.
  75. GIUSSANI, LILIANA M., J. HUGO COTA-SANCHEZ*, FERNANDO ZULOAGA, AND ELIZABETH A. KELLOGG. - A molecular phylogeny of the subfamily Panicoideae (Poaceae) using ndhF sequences.
  76. GIVNISH, THOMAS J.*, GREG BEAN, AND KENNETH J. SYTSMA. - Phylogeny, floral evolution, and patterns of inter-island dispersal in Clermontia (Lobeliaceae) in Hawaii based on ISSR variation.
  77. GIVNISH, THOMAS J.*, J. CHRISTOPHER PIRES, SEAN W. GRAHAM, KENDRA C. MILLAM, THOMAS B. PATTERSON, TIMOTHY M. EVANS, ERIC H. ROALSON, AND KENNETH J. SYTSMA. - Phylogeny of the monocotyledons based on ndhF sequence variation, with special emphasis on relationships within and among commelinoids, lilioids, and asparagoids.
  78. GIVNISH, THOMAS J.*, KENDRA C. MILLAM, AND KENNETH J. SYTSMA. - Phylogenetic relationships and evolutionary patterns in Bromeliaceae based on ndhF sequence variation.
  79. GOFFINET, BERNARD* AND A. JONATHAN SHAW. - Dung and carcasses, the ultimate habitat within the dung-moss family (Splachnaceae)? Answers from a phylogenetic study based on cp DNA sequence data.
  80. GOULD, KATHERINE R.* AND MARK C. TEBBITT. - Morphological and molecular variation in Helianthemum dumosum (Cistaceae), a rare coastal heathland taxon, and its widespread relative, H. canadense. [Poster]
  81. GRAHAM, SEAN W*, HARDEEP RAI, PATRICK REEVES, HEATH O'BRIEN, AND RICHARD OLMSTEAD. - Inference of seed plant phylogeny from multiple chloroplast genes.
  82. GRANT1, JASON R.* AND LENA STRUWE2. - Morphological evolution and neotropical biogeograpy in Macrocarpaea (Gentianaceae: Helieae).
  83. GROSE, SUSAN O.* AND RICHARD G. OLMSTEAD. - Phylogenetic Analysis of Crescentieae and Tabebuia s.l. (Bignoniaceae). [Poster]
  84. GUALA, GERALD F. - Lessons from the Virtual Herbarium.
  85. HALL, JOCELYN C.* AND KENNETH J. SYTSMA. - Solving the riddle of Californian Cuisine: phylogenetic relationships of capers and mustards.
  86. HARDY, CHRISTOPHER R.*, ROBERT B. FADEN, JERROLD I. DAVIS AND DENNIS WM. STEVENSON. - A phylogenetic and developmental approach to understanding androecium evolution in the subtribe Dichorisandrinae (Commelinaceae).
  87. HILU, KHIDIR W*, THOMAS BORSCH2, JENS ROHWER3, CHRISTOPH NEINHUIS2, TRACEY SLOTTA1, BIRGIT GEMEINHOLZER4, MICHAEL WINK4, AND LAWRENCE A. ALICE5. - Insight into the evolution of angiosperms: evidence from matK sequences.
  88. HILU, KHIDIR W.* AND LAWRENCE A. ALICE. - Addressing and raising new systematic questions in the Chloridoideae (Poaceae) with matK sequence data.
  89. HOGGARD, GLORIA, RON HOGGARD, MIA MOLVRAY, AND PAUL KORES.* - A phylogenetic analysis of Gaura (Onagraceae) based on ITS sequence data.
  90. HOOPER, ELISABETH A.* AND POLLY HIGGINS. - A preliminary investigation into the origin of the Pale Purple Coneflower, Echinacea pallida (Asteraceae), using allozyme and ISSR markers. [Poster]
  91. HORN, JAMES W. - Phylogeny, biogeography, and patterns of morphological evolution in Hibbertia (Dilleniaceae).
  92. HUANG, MINGJUAN*, JOHN V. FREUDENSTEIN, AND DANIEL J. CRAWFORD. - Phylogenetic relationships of the Caryopteris-Trichostema complex (Lamiaceae) based on ndhF sequence data. [Poster]
  93. ICKERT-BOND, STEFANIE, M. - Micromorphological and cytological patterns among New World species of Ephedra L. (Ephedraceae).
  94. INGRAM, AMANDA L.* AND JEFF J. DOYLE. - Polyploid origin of Eragrostis tef: evidence from the waxy locus.
  95. JENKINS, PHILIP D. - Systematics of Browallia Linnaeus (Solanaceae, Cestroideae), inferences from morphological data.
  96. JOHNSON, LEIGH A. - Sinister speciation: elucidating phylogeny and taxonomy in a cryptic species complex in Polemoniaceae.
  97. KELCH, DEAN G.* AND RAYMOND CRANFILL. - Seed plant phylogeny: the yew-conifers and a farewell to the anthophyte hypothesis.
  98. KELCHNER, SCOT A. - Alignment and analysis of noncoding cpDNA sequences: implications of molecular evolution for phylogeny estimation.
  99. KELCHNER, SCOT A.*, RANDALL J. BAYER, ROBERT J. CHINNOCK, MICHAEL D. CRISP, AND JUDY G. WEST. - A data partition analysis of noncoding sequence evolution in Bontia and Myoporaceae.
  100. KIM, KI-JOONG*, GYE-SOOK HA, AND HAE-LIM LEE. - Introgressive hybridization between native and introduced species of Taraxacum.
  101. KRON, KATHLEEN A.*, E. ANN POWELL, AND JAMES L. LUTEYN. - Molecular systematics of Macleania and Psammisia and their relationship to other members of Vaccinieae.
  102. LARA-CABRERA, SABINA I.* AND DAVID M. SPOONER. - Morphological and microsatellite variation of Mexican diploid wild potato species.
  103. LEE, JOONGKU*, BRUCE G. BALDWIN, AND LESLIE D. GOTTLIEB1. - A molecular phylogenetic study of Stephanomeria and related North American genera (Compositae-Lactuceae) based on 18S-26S nuclear rDNA ITS sequences .
  104. LEE, NAM SOOK, YOUNGBAE SUH, SUNGHEE YEAU, AND SANGTAE LEE.* - The Morphological and genetic analyses of Korean Adonis. [Poster]
  105. LEE, SANGTAE, CHUNGHEE LEE, YOUNGBAE SUH, SUNGHEE YEAU, AND NAM SOOK LEE.* - Pollen morphology of the genus Adonis L. (Ranunculaceae) in Korea. [Poster]
  106. LES, DONALD H.*, DANIEL J. CRAWFORD, ELIAS LANDOLT, JOHN D. GABEL, AND REBECCA T. KIMBALL. - Phylogenetic relationships in Lemnaceae Dumortier, the duckweed family.
  107. LEVIN, RACHEL A.*, ROBERT A. RAGUSO, AND LUCINDA A. MCDADE. - The relationship between floral fragrance, phylogeny, and hawkmoth-pollination in Nyctaginaceae.
  108. LEWIS, CARL E.* AND JEFF J. DOYLE. - Low-copy nuclear genes for phylogenetic research in the palm family.
  109. LI, JIANHUA*, DAVID E. BOUFFORD, AND MICHAEL J. DONOGHUE. - Phylogenetics of Buckleya (Santalaceae) based on ITS sequences of nuclear ribosomal DNA. [Poster]
  110. LITTLE, DAMON P. - Phylogenetic relationship and monophyly of Cupressus and Chamaecyparis (Cupressaceae): molecular and organismal evidence .
  111. LIVSHULTZ, TATYANA. - Systematics and evolution of ant-leaves in the genus Dischidia (Asclepiadaceae).
  112. LOWREY, TIMOTHY K.*, CHRISTOPHER J. QUINN, RACHAEL K TAYLOR, RAYMUND CHAN, REBECCA KIMBALL, AND JAN C. DE NARDI. - Molecular, morphological and biogeographical reassessment of relationships within the Vittadinia group of Astereae (Asteraceae).
  113. LUTZ, ANDREW W.* AND ANDREA D WOLFE. - Population genetics of the endiemic species, Penstemon caryi Pennel. [Poster]
  114. LUTZONI, FRANCOIS*, PETER WAGNER, AND VALERIE REEB. - Integrating ambiguously aligned regions of DNA sequences in phylogenetic analyses without violating positional homology.
  115. LUTZONIÝ, FRANCOIS*, MARK PAGELý, AND VALERIE REEBÝ¥. - Contribution of the lichen symbiosis to the diversification of ascomycetes: A new approach to determining confidence levels for ancestral character states.
  116. MAGALLóN, SUSANA A. - Extinct and extant Hamamelidoideae: phylogeny and character evolution.
  117. MAGALLóN, SUSANA A.*, MICHAEL J. SANDERSON, JAMES A. DOYLE, AND MARTIN F. WOJCIECHOWSKI. - Estimate of the age of the angiosperm crown group derived from integrated analysis of molecular and paleontological data.
  118. MALCOMBER, SIMON T.* AND ELIZABETH A. KELLOGG. - Gaertnera (Rubiaceae): a rapid radiation based on sequence data from three nuclear DNA sequence data sets.
  119. MANSION, GUILHEM. - Phylogenetic position of the north and central american species of Centaurium (Gentianaceae) based on molecular data and chromosome numbers: evidence of an old-world origin.
  120. MAST, AUSTIN R.* AND THOMAS J. GIVNISH. - Historical biogeography of Banksia and Dryandra (Proteaceae) in Australia’s Southwest Botanical Province.
  121. MAYER, MICHAEL S.*, JON P. REBMAN1, AND LAURA M. WILLIAMS. - Confirmation and characteristics of the hybrid origin of Opuntia prolifera through RAPD analyses.
  122. MCCAULEY, ROSS A.* AND HARVEY E. BALLARD. - Systematics, biogeography, and evolutionary trends in the North American species of Froelichia (Amaranthaceae).
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  129. MIONE, THOMAS. - Jaltomata (Solanaceae) of Costa Rica: species delimitation using morphological and ITS sequence variation. [Poster]
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  142. OCHOTERENA, HELGA. - Phylogeny and character evolution in Hintonia (Rubiaceae) and related taxa.
  143. OESTREICH, ANDREA*, LINDA A RAUBESON, MARY E COSNER, AND ROBERT K JANSEN. - Campanulaceae systematics based on four chloroplast DNA markers. [Poster]
  144. OLMSTEAD, RICHARD G.*, PHILIP D. CANTINO, BRENDAN LEPSCHI, AND PATRICK A. REEVES. - A molecular systematic study of the Prostantheroideae (Lamiaceae), including Chloantheae (formerly Verbenaceae).
  145. PARK, SEON-JOO*, ELISA KOROMPAI, JAVIER FRANCISCO-ORTEGA, ARNOLDO SANTOS-GUERRA, AND ROBERT JANSEN. - Phylogenetic relationships of Tolpis (Asteraceae: Lactuceae) based on ndhF sequence data.
  146. PARK, SEON-JOO*, JAVIER FRANCISCO-ORTEGA, ARNOLDO SANTOS-GUERRA, JOSE PANERO, AND ROBERT JANSEN. - Implications of chloroplast DNA variation for the evolution of the Macaronesian Endemic genus Pericallis (Asteraceae, Senecioneae).
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  148. PERRET, MATHIEU*, ALAIN CHAUTEMS, RODOLPHE SPICHIGER, AND VINCENT SAVOLAINEN. - Floral diversification and speciation in Sinningieae inferred from phylogenetic analysis of plastid and nuclear cpGS gene sequences.
  149. PLUNKETT, GREGORY M.1*, PORTER P. LOWRY II2, AND JONATHAN M. EIBL1. - Phylogenetic relationships of Schefflera and Polyscias: non-monophyly in the two largest genera of Araliaceae.
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