As it is currently circumscribed, Froelichia Moench. is a genus of 15-20 species of annual and perennial herbs and shrubs which inhabit dry plains and coastal areas of the tropical and subtropical western hemisphere and temperate North America. This group is closely related to Gomphrena (Globe Amaranth) and Alternanthera (Chaff Flower), both planted ornamentally in North America. As a portion of a full generic revision of this group, the identity and distribution of the North American species are considered using a series of morphological and molecular datasets. Preliminary analysis suggests there are four distinct species, F. interrupta (L.) Moq. in central and northern Mexico, F. arizonica Thornber ex Standley in northern Mexico and the American Southwest, F. gracilis (Hooker) Moq. native to Texas and now naturalized over a wide range, and F. floridana (Nutt.) Moq., a species exhibiting wide varietal variation in regions of the Great Plains and southeastern United States. Evidence is also presented for the recognition of F. floridana var. pallescens Moq., a form from central Florida described by Moquin-Tandon in 1849 but not recognized by later authors.

Key words: Amaranthaceae, Froelichia, North American Flora, Systematics