The goal of the Oregon Flora Project is to produce a checklist, a flora and an atlas of Oregon vascular plants in both paper and digital forms. The project is coordinated by Scott Sundberg and led by 21 professional and amateur botanists. Members of the Flora project are currently writing a vascular plant checklist, accumulating and entering plant distribution data, and preparing a Java applet (computer program) for the electronic atlas. The checklist of Oregon vascular plants includes accepted name, synonyms, common name, and origin (native or exotic). The Asteraceae portion of the checklist has been published and other portions are nearing completion. A prototype of the digital atlas has been prepared. It allows users to access data online and produce dot distribution maps on a variety of base maps (e.g., ecoregions, physiographic features, mean annual precipitation, vegetation zones). Additional information on each site record is available by clicking a mouse button on a locality dot. Data are derived from herbarium specimens and species lists from hundreds of sites throughout Oregon. The paper version of the flora will be an identification manual with dichotomous keys, descriptions and illustrations. The digital form will also include random access keys, photographs, a glossary and links to the atlas of Oregon plant localities.

Key words: floristics, Oregon flora, plant atlas, vascular plants