The Artemisia ludoviciana complex is a widely distributed group of herbaceous perennial species that occur in western North America from the Aleutian Islands to Jalisco in Central Mexico, which includes approximately 18 taxa. Evolutionary relationships within the group are unresolved due to continuous variation within the complex, perhaps as a result of hybridization and polyploidy. Previous work on the group yielded two mutually exclusive hypotheses of polyploid origin: allopolyploidy vs. autopolyploidy. We initiated a study to determine the mode of polyploid origin in the group and to construct a phylogeny for the group. We are using ITS and ETS nrDNA sequences to infer phylogenetic relationships and ISSR analyses to reveal polyploid origin. Data gathered to date will be discussed.

Key words: Artemisia ludoviciana, Asteraceae, ETS, ISSR, ITS, polyploidy