Leaf anatomy, including leaf clearings, of Antigonon, Brunnichia, Coccoloba, Muehlenbeckia, and Podopterus was investigated. These genera have historically been united within the tribe Coccolobeae. Twelve anatomical features were compared among 39 species. Despite many similarities in cell types and venation patterns, a number of interesting trends were apparent. Variation among the genera involves the presence of tanniniferous idioblasts, prismatic crystals, collenchyma, sclerenchyma, and hypodermal layers. Leaf clearing data was not conclusive at the intrageneric level but was instructive in differentiating species within Brunnichia and Podopterus. Additionally, in Coccoloba diversifolia the relationship between leaf morphology and leaf anatomy was investigated. The data supports previous hypotheses that the variation in leaf shape is partially due to varying levels of sunlight.

Key words: anatomy, Coccolobeae, leaf, Polygonaceae, systematics