Pollen free type (PFT) genic male-sterile (GMS) line Nanguangzhan had turned into wild abortive(WA) type-like cytoplasmic male sterile (CMS) line. The restoring and maintaining relationship of NT1 and NT2 (the two typical abortion type (TAT) variants derived from Nanguangzhan somaclones) was similar to that of WA type, viz. the restorer lines and maintainer lines of WA type were also fit for NT1 and NT2. NT1 had been backcrossed with its maintainer lines for ten generations and kept sterile all the way. This might be the first report of this kind of mutant derived from somaclones of rice which had turned into CMS from GMS.

Key words: callus induction, cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS), genic male sterility (GMS), in vitro culture, Oryza sativa L., plant regeneration