Abstract Index, By Title

Abstracts received so far:

  1. Aims and prospects for the global biodiversity studies of Bryophytes, Hornworts and Lichens. - MEIJER, WILLEM.
  2. Algal layer thickness in Parmelia sulcata as an environmental indicator. - BENNETT, JAMES P.
  3. Analysis of nitrogen, carbon, and water use by Lobaria oregana, a cephalodiate lichen at the Wind River Canopy Crane site. - ANTOINE, MARIE E.* AND WILLIAM E. WINNER.
  4. Biology and evolution of the Fossombroniineae. - CRANDALL-STOTLER, BARBARA.
  5. Biotic soil crusts of the Columbia River Basin: landscape level variation in community composition. - PONZETTI, JEANNE* AND BRUCE MCCUNE.
  6. Bryophytes of the Alabama Black Belt chalklands. - MILLER, DONNA H.*, HARVEY A. MILLER, SHILOH JONES,, AND PAUL SPARKMAN.
  7. Circumscription of the Dicranaceae (Bryopsida), with special emphasis on the subfamily Dicranoideae Based on cp DNA: trnL and rps4, The. - LA FARGE, CATHERINE.
  8. Coevolution of symbiotic associations within peltigerous lichens (Peltigerineae, Ascomycota). - MIADLIKOWSKA, JOLANTA* AND FRANÇOIS LUTZONI.
  9. Comparison of bryoflora and geograpical elements between Racomitrium and Grimmia in China. - CAO, TONG*, SHUILIANG GUO, AND CHIEN GAO.
  10. Comparison of the lichens on deciduous and non-deciduous oaks, A. - BRATT, CHARIS C.* AND DANIEL LAHR.
  11. Conservation priorities for North American bryophytes and lichens: A progress report. - WEAKLEY, ALAN S.*, MELISSA M. KARANOSKY, AND LARRY E. MORSE.
  12. Differences in epiphytic lichen communities and biomass among forest stand types in the Blue River watershed of western Oregon. - BERRYMAN, SHANTI D.* AND BRUCE MCCUNE.
  13. Disentangling moss species limitations: the role of substrate specificity. - CLEAVITT, NATALIE L.
  14. Distribution of Ptychomitrium muelleri (Mitt.) Jaeg. with its synonyms. - CAO, TONG*, SHUILIANG GUO, AND WEI SHA.
  15. Enigma of pegged and smooth rhizoids in marchantialean hepatics; a functional explanation, The. - DUCKETT, JEFFREY G.*, ROBERTO LIGRONE, NEIL ANDREWS, AND KAREN SUE RENZAGLIA.
  16. Epiphytic Bryophytes and Llichens on Sitka Spruce Trees in an Old-growth Redwood Forest. - ELLYSON, WILLIAM J. T.* AND STEPHEN C. SILLETT.
  17. Establishing background ranges and mapping of lichen sulfur, nitrogen and metal concentrations in Pacific Northwest forests. - GEISER, LINDA H.
  18. Evaluating GCM outputs for 0ka BP and 6ka BP using the distribution of Sphagnum-dominated peatlands in North America. - GIGNAC, L. DENNIS*, LINDA A. HALSEY, AND DALE H. VITT.
  19. Evolutionary radiation of the pleurocarpous mosses: phylogenetic analyses incorporating morphological characters with rbcL, rps4 and trnL-trnF sequence data. - NEWTON, ANGELA E.*, CYMON J. COX, EFRAIN DE LUNA, AND LARS HEDENAS.
  20. Factors limiting the distribution of the sensitive lichen Usnea longissima in the Oregon Coast Range: habitat or dispersal? - KEON, DYLAN B.* AND PATRICIA S. MUIR.
  21. Four years of epiphyte colonization in Douglas-fir forest canopies. - SILLETT, STEPHEN C.*, BRUCE MCCUNE, JERILYNN E. PECK, AND THOMAS R. RAMBO.
  22. Genus Fossombronia Raddi in North America, north of Mexico, The. - BRAY JR., JAMES R.
  23. Heteroblastic series in leucobryoid mosses, The. - JOHANNES FISHER, KIRSTEN M.
  24. Influence of canopy type on the biodiversity of epiphytic lichens and bryophytes in riparian forests. - RUCHTY, ANDREA* AND BRUCE MCCUNE.
  25. Influence of scale-dependent environmental factors on the distribution of cliff moss species. - HALL, CHRISTINA C.* AND JEFFREY C. NEKOLA.
  26. Lectotypification of Pleuridium subulatum and P. acuminatum (Bryophyta). - YIP, KWOK LEUNG.
  27. Lichen communities of old-growth vs managed forests in the northern Great Lakes states. - WILL-WOLF, SUSAN.
  28. Lichen Conservation: Rare lichens found in Washington state. - GLEW, KATHERINE.
  29. Lichen transplant results pose a treetop paradox. - MCCUNE, BRUCE.
  30. Living within boundary layers: the functional significance of variation in bryophyte canopy structure. - RICE, STEVEN K.* AND DAVID COLLINS.
  31. Long-term biomonitoring (1988--1998): lichen distribution, abundance, and health on red spruce, Picea rubens Sarg. - STUBBS, CONSTANCE S.
  32. Molecular phylogenetic analyses of the Bryaceae (Bryales, Musci). - COX, CYMON J.* AND TERRY A. J. HEDDERSON.
  33. Molecular phylogenetic study of the genus Porpidia (Porpidiaceae, Ascomycota), A. - BUSCHBOM, JUTTA* AND FRANçOIS LUTZONI.
  34. Monographic study of the genus Petalophyllum Nees & Gottsche ex Lehm, A. - FORD, C. HEATHER* AND BARBARA CRANDALL-STOTLER.
  35. Morphological change is decoupled from molecular evolution in disjunct populations of Pyrrhobryum mnioides (Hook.) Manuel. - MCDANIEL, STUART F.* AND JON SHAW.
  36. Multiple evolution of water-conducting systems in bryophytes. - LIGRONE, ROBERTO*, KAREN SUE RENZAGLIA, NEIL ANDREWS, AND JEFFREY G DUCKETT.
  37. Overview of phylogenetic relationships among families of pleurocarps: implications from variation in 165 rbcL sequences, An. - DE LUNA, EFRAIN*, HIROMI TSUBOTA, DOLORES GONZALEZ, SACHIKO MAEDA, HIROYUKI AKIYAMA, TOMOTSUGU ARIKAWA, RAY TANGNEY, CYMON J. COX, ANGELA E. NEWTON, KEIKO KOSUGE, MASANOBU HIGUCHI, AND HIRONORI DEGUCHI.
  38. Patterns of bryophyte species diversity at three scales in conifer dominated boreal forest stands. - MILLS, SUZANNE ELIZABETH*, S. ELLEN MACDONALD, AND DALE H. VITT.
  39. Phycobiont fidelity in Umbilicaria. - JESSUP, STEVEN LEE.
  40. Phylogenetic analysis of the genus Riccia L. (Marchantiales): volatile morphology that is not reflected in the underlying genetic history, A. - WHEELER, JOHN A.
  41. Phylogenetic inferences in the Orthotrichoideae based on trnL-F and rps4 (cpDNA) sequence data. - GOFFINET, BERNARD* AND A. JONATHAN SHAW.
  42. Phylogenetic position of the Neckeraceae (Musci) based on rbcL gene sequences. - SASTRE-DE JESúS, INéS*, DOLORES GONZáLEZ, AND EFRAIN DE LUNA.
  43. Phylogenetic study of the Acarospora and Acarosporaceae (lichen-forming ascomycetes) and their position within the ascomycetes. , A. - REEB, VALERIE C.*, CLAUDE ROUX, AND FRANCOIS M. LUTZONI.
  44. Population structure and diversfication patterns in the paleotropic endemic moss, Mitthyridium. - WALL, DENNIS P.
  45. Post-fire recovery of terrestrial lichens in Florida scrub, with emphasis on Cladonia perforata. - YAHR, REBECCA.
  46. Preliminary cladistic analysis of the Dicranoideae (Dicranaceae, Musci) based on morphology, A. - PRICE, MICHELLE J.
  47. Preliminary results of a study of the unique peristome of the genus Macrohymenium [Sematophyllaceae] using conventional and scanning electron microscopy. - EAKIN, DAVID A.
  48. Preliminary studies of characters associated with pleurocarpy in the Rhizogoniaceae (Bryales). - BELL, NEIL E.* AND ANGELA E. NEWTON.
  49. Review of the synoicous species of Cyclodictyon (Musci), A. - MILLER, DONNA H.
  50. Revision of the Genus Fossombronia Raddi in north and east Asia, Oceania, the Malay Archipelago, and New Zealand, A. - KRAYESKY, DAVID M.
  51. Salicylate-regulation of development in the moss, Funaria hygrometrica. - CHRISTIANSON, MICHAEL L.* AND STEPHEN H. DUFFY.
  52. Shoot/sporophyte associations in the Fossombroniineae. - SELF, SHERRY L.*, C. HEATHER FORD, AND BARBARA CRANDALL-STOTLER.
  53. Spatial Distribution of Desert Bryophyte Populations. - BONINE, MARY L.*, LLOYD R STARK, D. NICHOLAS MCLETCHIE, AND BRENT D. MISHLER.
  54. Studies on spore morphology of the genera Trematodon and Microcampylopus (Dicranaceae) from China by SEM. - YU, JING*, TONG CAO, AND QUANXI WANG.
  55. Studies on sporophytic characters in Frullaniaceae (Hepaticae) using novel techniques. - VON KONRAT, MATTHEW J.* AND JOHN E. BRAGGINS.
  56. Successional patterns of microbiotic crusts in ponderosa pine forests of southern inland British Columbia. - WILLISTON, PATRICK S.
  57. Symbiotic fungal associations in liverworts. - RUSSELL, ANGELA J.*, RIADH FRANCIS, ROBERTO LIGRONE, JEFFREY G. DUCKETT, AND DAVID READ.
  58. Taxonomic revision of the genus Fossombronia, suborder Fossombroniineae in Africa, A. - CARGILL, D. CHRISTINE.
  59. Typifications in the genus Fossombronia (Marchantiophyta) - Problems and solutions. - STOTLER, RAYMOND E.*, JAMES R. BRAY, JR., AND D. CHRISTINE CARGILL.
  60. Widespread sporophyte abortion following summer rains in Mojave Desert populations of Grimmia orbicularis. - STARK, LLOYD R.