Abstract Index, By Senior Author

Abstracts received so far:

  1. ANTOINE, MARIE E.* AND WILLIAM E. WINNER. - Analysis of nitrogen, carbon, and water use by Lobaria oregana, a cephalodiate lichen at the Wind River Canopy Crane site. [Poster]
  2. BELL, NEIL E.* AND ANGELA E. NEWTON. - Preliminary studies of characters associated with pleurocarpy in the Rhizogoniaceae (Bryales).
  3. BENNETT, JAMES P. - Algal layer thickness in Parmelia sulcata as an environmental indicator.
  4. BERRYMAN, SHANTI D.* AND BRUCE MCCUNE. - Differences in epiphytic lichen communities and biomass among forest stand types in the Blue River watershed of western Oregon.
  5. BONINE, MARY L.*, LLOYD R. STARK, D. NICHOLAS MCLETCHIE, AND BRENT D. MISHLER. - Spatial Distribution of Desert Bryophyte Populations. [Poster]
  6. BRATT, CHARIS C.* AND DANIEL LAHR. - A comparison of the lichens on deciduous and non-deciduous oaks.
  7. BRAY JR., JAMES R. - The genus Fossombronia Raddi in North America, north of Mexico.
  8. BROWN, PATRICK J.* AND DAVID A. DALTON. - Nitrogen fixation, photosynthesis, and growth by Lobaria oregana in an old-growth forest canopy. [Poster]
  9. BUSCHBOM, JUTTA* AND FRANçOIS LUTZONI. - A molecular phylogenetic study of the genus Porpidia (Porpidiaceae, Ascomycota). [Poster]
  10. CAO, TONG*, SHUILIANG GUO, AND CHIEN GAO. - Comparison of bryoflora and geograpical elements between Racomitrium and Grimmia in China. [Poster]
  11. CAO, TONG*, SHUILIANG GUO, AND WEI SHA. - Distribution of Ptychomitrium muelleri (Mitt.) Jaeg. with its synonyms. [Poster]
  12. CARGILL, D. CHRISTINE. - A taxonomic revision of the genus Fossombronia, suborder Fossombroniineae in Africa.
  13. CHRISTIANSON, MICHAEL L.* AND STEPHEN H. DUFFY. - Salicylate-regulation of development in the moss, Funaria hygrometrica.
  14. CLEAVITT, NATALIE L. - Disentangling moss species limitations: the role of substrate specificity.
  15. COX, CYMON J.* AND TERRY A. J. HEDDERSON. - Molecular phylogenetic analyses of the Bryaceae (Bryales, Musci).
  16. CRANDALL-STOTLER, BARBARA. - Biology and evolution of the Fossombroniineae.
  17. DE LUNA, EFRAIN*, HIROMI TSUBOTA, DOLORES GONZALEZ, SACHIKO MAEDA, HIROYUKI AKIYAMA, TOMOTSUGU ARIKAWA, RAY TANGNEY, CYMON J. COX, ANGELA E. NEWTON, KEIKO KOSUGE, MASANOBU HIGUCHI, AND HIRONORI DEGUCHI. - An overview of phylogenetic relationships among families of pleurocarps: implications from variation in 165 rbcL sequences.
  18. DUCKETT, JEFFREY G.*, ROBERTO LIGRONE, NEIL ANDREWS, AND KAREN SUE RENZAGLIA. - The enigma of pegged and smooth rhizoids in marchantialean hepatics; a functional explanation.
  19. EAKIN, DAVID A. - Preliminary results of a study of the unique peristome of the genus Macrohymenium [Sematophyllaceae] using conventional and scanning electron microscopy.
  20. ELLYSON, WILLIAM J. T.* AND STEPHEN C. SILLETT. - Epiphytic Bryophytes and Llichens on Sitka Spruce Trees in an Old-growth Redwood Forest.
  21. FORD, C. HEATHER* AND BARBARA CRANDALL-STOTLER. - A monographic study of the genus Petalophyllum Nees & Gottsche ex Lehm.
  22. GEISER, LINDA H. - Establishing background ranges and mapping of lichen sulfur, nitrogen and metal concentrations in Pacific Northwest forests. [Poster]
  23. GIGNAC, L. DENNIS*, LINDA A. HALSEY, AND DALE H. VITT. - Evaluating GCM outputs for 0ka BP and 6ka BP using the distribution of Sphagnum-dominated peatlands in North America.
  24. GLEW, KATHERINE. - Lichen Conservation: Rare lichens found in Washington state.
  25. GOFFINET, BERNARD* AND A. JONATHAN SHAW. - Phylogenetic inferences in the Orthotrichoideae based on trnL-F and rps4 (cpDNA) sequence data.
  26. HALL, CHRISTINA C.* AND JEFFREY C. NEKOLA. - Influence of scale-dependent environmental factors on the distribution of cliff moss species. [Poster]
  27. JESSUP, STEVEN LEE. - Phycobiont fidelity in Umbilicaria.
  28. JOHANNES FISHER, KIRSTEN M. - The heteroblastic series in leucobryoid mosses.
  29. KEON, DYLAN B.* AND PATRICIA S. MUIR. - Factors limiting the distribution of the sensitive lichen Usnea longissima in the Oregon Coast Range: habitat or dispersal? [Poster]
  30. KRAYESKY, DAVID M. - A Revision of the Genus Fossombronia Raddi in north and east Asia, Oceania, the Malay Archipelago, and New Zealand.
  31. LA FARGE, CATHERINE. - The Circumscription of the Dicranaceae (Bryopsida), with special emphasis on the subfamily Dicranoideae Based on cp DNA: trnL and rps4.
  32. LIGRONE, ROBERTO*, KAREN SUE RENZAGLIA, NEIL ANDREWS, AND JEFFREY G DUCKETT. - Multiple evolution of water-conducting systems in bryophytes.
  33. MCCUNE, BRUCE. - Lichen transplant results pose a treetop paradox.
  34. MCDANIEL, STUART F.* AND JON SHAW. - Morphological change is decoupled from molecular evolution in disjunct populations of Pyrrhobryum mnioides (Hook.) Manuel.
  35. MEIJER, WILLEM. - Aims and prospects for the global biodiversity studies of Bryophytes, Hornworts and Lichens.
  36. MIADLIKOWSKA, JOLANTA* AND FRANÇOIS LUTZONI. - Coevolution of symbiotic associations within peltigerous lichens (Peltigerineae, Ascomycota).
  37. MILLER, DONNA H. - A review of the synoicous species of Cyclodictyon (Musci). [Poster]
  38. MILLER, DONNA H.*, HARVEY A. MILLER, SHILOH JONES,, AND PAUL SPARKMAN. - Bryophytes of the Alabama Black Belt chalklands.
  39. MILLS, SUZANNE ELIZABETH*, S. ELLEN MACDONALD, AND DALE H. VITT. - Patterns of bryophyte species diversity at three scales in conifer dominated boreal forest stands.
  40. NEWTON, ANGELA E.*, CYMON J. COX, EFRAIN DE LUNA, AND LARS HEDENAS. - Evolutionary radiation of the pleurocarpous mosses: phylogenetic analyses incorporating morphological characters with rbcL, rps4 and trnL-trnF sequence data.
  41. PONZETTI, JEANNE* AND BRUCE MCCUNE. - Biotic soil crusts of the Columbia River Basin: landscape level variation in community composition.
  42. PRICE, MICHELLE J. - A preliminary cladistic analysis of the Dicranoideae (Dicranaceae, Musci) based on morphology.
  43. REEB, VALERIE C.*, CLAUDE ROUX, AND FRANCOIS M. LUTZONI. - A phylogenetic study of the Acarospora and Acarosporaceae (lichen-forming ascomycetes) and their position within the ascomycetes. .
  44. RICE, STEVEN K.* AND DAVID COLLINS. - Living within boundary layers: the functional significance of variation in bryophyte canopy structure.
  45. RUCHTY, ANDREA* AND BRUCE MCCUNE. - Influence of canopy type on the biodiversity of epiphytic lichens and bryophytes in riparian forests. [Poster]
  46. RUSSELL, ANGELA J.*, RIADH FRANCIS, ROBERTO LIGRONE, JEFFREY G. DUCKETT, AND DAVID READ. - Symbiotic fungal associations in liverworts.
  47. SASTRE-DE JESúS, INéS*, DOLORES GONZáLEZ, AND EFRAIN DE LUNA. - Phylogenetic position of the Neckeraceae (Musci) based on rbcL gene sequences.
  48. SELF, SHERRY L.*, C. HEATHER FORD, AND BARBARA CRANDALL-STOTLER. - Shoot/sporophyte associations in the Fossombroniineae. [Poster]
  49. SILLETT, STEPHEN C.*, BRUCE MCCUNE, JERILYNN E. PECK, AND THOMAS R. RAMBO. - Four years of epiphyte colonization in Douglas-fir forest canopies.
  50. STARK, LLOYD R. - Widespread sporophyte abortion following summer rains in Mojave Desert populations of Grimmia orbicularis.
  51. STOTLER, RAYMOND E.*, JAMES R. BRAY, JR., AND D. CHRISTINE CARGILL. - Typifications in the genus Fossombronia (Marchantiophyta) - Problems and solutions.
  52. STUBBS, CONSTANCE S. - Long-term biomonitoring (1988--1998): lichen distribution, abundance, and health on red spruce, Picea rubens Sarg. [Poster]
  53. VON KONRAT, MATTHEW J.* AND JOHN E. BRAGGINS. - Studies on sporophytic characters in Frullaniaceae (Hepaticae) using novel techniques.
  54. WALL, DENNIS P. - Population structure and diversfication patterns in the paleotropic endemic moss, Mitthyridium.
  55. WEAKLEY, ALAN S.*, MELISSA M. KARANOSKY, AND LARRY E. MORSE. - Conservation priorities for North American bryophytes and lichens: A progress report.
  56. WHEELER, JOHN A. - A phylogenetic analysis of the genus Riccia L. (Marchantiales): volatile morphology that is not reflected in the underlying genetic history.
  57. WILL-WOLF, SUSAN. - Lichen communities of old-growth vs managed forests in the northern Great Lakes states.
  58. WILLISTON, PATRICK S. - Successional patterns of microbiotic crusts in ponderosa pine forests of southern inland British Columbia.
  59. YAHR, REBECCA. - Post-fire recovery of terrestrial lichens in Florida scrub, with emphasis on Cladonia perforata.
  60. YIP, KWOK LEUNG. - Lectotypification of Pleuridium subulatum and P. acuminatum (Bryophyta).
  61. YU, JING*, TONG CAO, AND QUANXI WANG. - Studies on spore morphology of the genera Trematodon and Microcampylopus (Dicranaceae) from China by SEM. [Poster]