During previous taxonomic study of the genus Ptychomitrium, we discovered that Ptychomitrium eurybasis Dix. and P. neo-caledonicum (Broth. et Par.) Card. were synonymous with P. microblastum (C. Muell.) Par. (Guo & Cao 1999). The further study showes that P. microblastum and P. balanse Besch. are two new synonyms of P. muelleri (Mitt.) Jaeg., which was discribed and recorded from Australia. The discovery of the present synonyms resulted in remarkable range extansions for P. muelleri from Australia to New Caledonia, South Africa and South America. It seems that Ptychomitrium muelleri is an important species in the floral relationship among Australia, South America and South Africa in the genus Ptychomitrium.

Key words: distribution, Moss, Ptychomitriaceae, Ptychomitrium muelleri, synonyms