Based on revisional study, 23 species of Racomitrium and 24 species of Grimmia have been recognized in China. Analyses of geographical elements and distribution patterns of the two genera showed: 1) There are obvious differences of geographic elements between the genera Racomitrium and Grimmia in China. High proportion of East Asian elements together with some tropical elements was found in the genus Racomitrium, while the genus Grimmia was rich in north temperate elements. 2) For Chinese Racomitrium, it seems that Henduan Mountain Ranges, southwest China, were not only a center of species diversity but also one of origin areas of the genus. 3) Grimmia is much more widely distributed in northwest China, while Racomitrium is somewhat widely distributed in south China than Grimmia. 4) Some species of these genera are characterized by their disjunctive distribution in China.

Key words: Distribution pattern, Geographical elements, Grimmia, Grimmiaceae, Mosses, Racomitrium