Portland Area Resources

The Hoyt Arboretum is located in the West Hills of Portland, near the Washington Part Zoo. Founded in 1928, the arboretum now features more than 800 species of trees and shrubs, including one of the nation's largest conifer collections. Other public gardens in Portland can be accessed from this link.
Berry Botanic
Nestled in the hills of southwest Portland, Oregon, The Berry Botanic Garden is a wonderfully natural place to visit. Guide yourself through six and a quarter acres of garden. Learn about our species collections, including rhododendrons, primula, lilies, native plants, and alpine plants. Discover the Garden's secrets, from its founding as a private garden to its current efforts to save endangered plants of the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy the Garden, unique in its inspired setting, unusual plants, and comprehensive programs..
World Forestry
The WFC is also located in Portland, up in Washington Park.
Crystal Springs
Rhododendron Garden
A public garden in southeast Portland (near the Reed College campus) with an abundance of oranamental rhododendron and other perennials.

Regional Resources

Oregon State University
Includes on-line access to databases for both plants and fungi as well as a link to information on the current Oregon Flora Project
Flora NorthwestThis site contains descriptions and pictures of flowering plants in Oregon and Washington and includes a regularly updated list of what can be found in bloom (broken down by region).
Trees of the
Pacific Northwest
This site is maintained by the College of Forestry at Oregon State University.
USDA Forest
Service Region 6
USFS web site for the Pacific Northwest Region
Oregon Department
of Forestry
Lots of well-organized information relating to state forest lands. You can get maps of all the state forests.
Oregon Department
of Parks and Recreation
All state parks are described and information is avialable about locations and features.
H.J. Andrews
Experimental Forest
The Andrews Experimental Forest is located in the Oregon Cascades an hour's drive east of Eugene, and is managed cooperatively by OSU and the USFS as an LTER site. .
Wind River Canopy Crane
Research Facility
The Andrews Experimental Forest is located in the Oregon Cascades, just an hour's drive east of Eugene, and is managed cooperatively by OSU and the USFS. .
The Oregon
Work is underway to construct a 200 acre public garden in the Willamette Valley near Silverton, Oregon. The site is a tiered combination of open land, a mature oak grove and a mixed conifer/decidious forest. The acreage includes dramatic vistas of the Willamette Valley to the west and a lovely. 25-acre lake set in a wooded ravine teeming with native flora and fauna.

Groups of interest

Native Plant
Society of Oregon
Washington Native
Plant Society
The Nature Conservancy
of Oregon
Soc. of Wetlands Scientists
Pacific Northwest Chapter
includes links to many government and non-government web pages pertaining to wetlands sciences

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