SESSION 37 OCC, B 110-112

CONTRIBUTED PAPERS: ASPT / Systematics Section, BSA - Orchidaceae, Poaceae

Presiding: JOHN V. FREUDENSTEIN, Department of Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 43212. Tele: 614-688-0363 E-mail:

8:00 37-1 INGRAM, AMANDA L.*; AND JEFF J. DOYLE. Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. Polyploid origin of Eragrostis tef: evidence from the waxy locus.

8:15 37-2 WILSON, BARBARA. Oregon State University, Corvallis. Recent developments in fescue taxonomy in the Pacific Northwest.

8:30 37-3 SANCHEZ-BARACALDO, PATRICIA*; AND ROBERT P. GURALNICK. University of California, Berkeley. Multifaceted heterochrony: Evolution, development, and ecological covariates of leaf morphology in Neotropical ferns.

8:45 37-4 CAYOUETTE, JAQUES; PAUL M. PETERSON; BRUCE COULMAN; AND YASA FERDINANDES. Eastern Cereal and Oilseed Research Centre, Ottawa, ON, Canada. Morphological, cytological, and molecular characterization of the Bromus ciliatus complex (Poacea, Bromea).

9:00 37-5 HILU, KHIDIR W.*; AND LAWRENCE A. ALICE. Virginia Tech, Blacksburg; Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green. Addressing and raising new systematic questions in the Chloridoideae (Poaceae) with matK sequence data.

9:15 37-6 ALICE, LAWRENCE A.*; GERASSIMO G. BORNEO; AND KHIDIR W. HILU. Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green; Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg. Systematics of Chloris (Chloridoideae; Poaceae) and related genera: evidence from nuclear ITS and chloroplast matKsequences.

9:30 37-7 COLUMBUS, J. TRAVIS*; MICHAEL S. KINNEY; MARIA ELENA SIQUEIROS DELGADO; AND ROSA CERROS TLATILPA. Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, Claremont, CA. Homoplasy, polyphyly, and generic circumscription: the demise of the Boutelouinae (Gramineae: Chloridoideae).

9:45 37-8 BLATTNER, FRANK R. Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK), Gatersleben, Germany. Phylogenetic analysis of Hordeum based on intron sequences of nuclear phospholipase D.

10:00 BREAK

10:15 37-9 GIUSSANI, LILIANA M.; J. HUGO COTA-SANCHEZ*; FERNANDO ZULOAGA; AND ELIZABETH A. KELLOGG. Instituto de Botanica Darwinion, Buenos Aires, Argentina; University of Missouri-St. Louis. A molecular phylogeny of the subfamily Panicoideae (Poaceae) using ndhF sequences.

10:30 37-10 SANG, TAO*; SONG GE; BAO-RONG LU; AND DE-YUAN HONG. Michigan State University, East Lansing; Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China; International Rice Research Institute, Manila, Phillipines. Phylogeny of rice genomes.

10:45 37-11 MORRIS, JULIE A.*; AND JOHN V. FREUDENSTEIN. Kent State University, OH; The Ohio State University, Columbus. A systematic study of the North American Yellow Lady's Slipper orchids.

11:00 37-12 MOLVRAY, MIA*; PAUL KORES; STEVE HOPPER; AND ANDEW BROWN. University of Oklahoma, Norman; Kings Park Botanical Garden, Perth, Australia; Division of Conservation and Land Management, Perth, Australia. A phylogenetic analysis of the subtribe Caladeniinae (Orchidaceae): Based on ITS sequences.

11:15 37-13 SENYO, DIANA M.; AND JOHN V. FREUDENSTEIN.* Kent State University, OH and Ohio State University, Columbus. A molecular phylogeny of Corallorhiza (Orchidaceae) and related genera.

11:30 37-14 FREUDENSTEIN, JOHN V.*; DIANA M. SENYO; AND MARK W. CHASE. The Ohio State University, Columbus; Kent State University, OH; Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Phylogenetic implications and comparative utility of 26S and ITS2 sequences in Orchidaceae.



Presiding: JANICE M. COONS. Biological Sciences Department, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL 61920. Tele: 217-581-6243, E-mail:

8:00 38-1 WATSON, MAXINE A.*; CYNTHIA S. JONES; YING LU. Indiana University, Bloomington. Variation in the expression of developmental and phenological traits in mayapple, Podophyllum pelatum L. (Berberidaceae).

8:15 38-2 BASKIN, CAROL C.*; PER MILBERG, LARS ANDERSSON; AND JERRY M. BASKIN. University of Kentucky, Lexington. Germination studies on three dwarf shrubs (Vaccinium, Ericaceae) of Northern Hemisphere coniferous forests.

8:30 38-3 FERGUSON, CAROL S.*; KATHLEEN DONHAM; AND JENNIFER BROWN. Southern Oregon University, Ashland. Pollination of Clustered lady's slipper orchid, Cypripedium fasciculatum (Orchidaceae).

8:45 38-4 MCLETCHIE, D. NICHOLAS. University of Kentucky, Lexington. Sex-specific life histories and population sex ratios in the dioecious liverwort Marchantia inflexa.

9:00 38-5 BASKIN, JERRY M.* AND CAROL C. BASKIN. University of Kentucky, Lexington. Seed dormancy in relation to endocarp anatomy in Anacardiaceae.

9:15 38-6 HANNAN, GARY L. Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti. Phenotypic gender modification in Platystemon californicus (Papaveraceae), a wind-pollinated, self-incompatible annual.

9:30 38-7 BRUNET, JOHANNE* AND AARON LISTON. Oregon State University, Corvallis. Breeding system evolution in the genus Thalictrum (meadow rue) Ranunculaceae.

9:45 38-8 KLIPS, ROBERT A. Ohio State University at Marion, Marion. Inbreeding depression is variable among populations of rose mallows (Hibiscus spp., Malvaceae).

10:00 Break

Presiding: JERRY M. BASKIN, School of Biological Sciences, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506-0225. Tele: 606-257-8770, E-mail:

10:30 38-9 COONS, JANICE M.*; HENRY R. OWEN; JENNIFER L. FRANKLIN; AND JOHN E. EBINGER. Eastern Illinois University , Charleston. Reproductive potential of Silvery Bladderpod (Lesquerella ludoviciana).

10:45 38-10 MILLER, J. S. University of Arizona, Tucson. The evolution of gender dimorphism in Lycium (Solanaceae).

11:00 38-11 KOPTUR, SUZANNE* AND JOHN HENRY GEIGER. Florida International University, Miami. Pollination of Byrsonima lucida (Malpighiaceae) in southern Florida.

11:15 38-12 WEEKLEY, CARL W.* AND TAMMERA RACE. Archbold Biological Station, Lake Placid, FL. The breeding system of Ziziphus celata Judd and D. Hall (Rhamnaceae), a rare endemic shrub of the Lake Wales Ridge, Florida: implications for recovery.

11:30 38-13 ERHART, TEMAN* AND MARK V. WILSON. Oregon State University, Corvallis. Population Dynamics Related to Conservation of a Rare Endemic Plant, Kincaid's lupine.

11:45 38-14 WATSON, MAXINE A. AND CYNTHIA S. JONES. Indiana University, Bloomington. Developmentally-dependent interactions between mayapple, Podophyllum peltatum L. (Berberidaceae) and its associated mycorrhizal fungi.

SESSION 39 OCC, A 105-106

SYMPOSIUM: Teaching Section, BSA - Using educational technology to foster learning centered pedagogies

Organized by BUCKLEY, DONALD. Department of Biological Sciences, Quinnipiac University, Hamden, CT 06410. Tele: 203-287-3467, E-mail:; and DAVID KRAMER Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology, Ohio State University at Mansfield, Mansfield, OH 44906-1547, E-mail:

Presiding: DONALD BUCKLEY and DAVID KRAMER, Quinnipiac University, Hamden, CT and Ohio State University at Mansfield.

8:00 39-1 KRAMER, DAVID. Ohio State University at Mansfield. Introduction.

8:05 39-2 BUCKLEY, DONALD. Quinnipiac University, Hamden, CT. The "Coverage Dilemma": Can we make room for learning-centered and inquiry-oriented pedagogies with educational technology?

8:30 39-3 RUSSELL, SCOTT D. University of Oklahoma, Norman. Interactivity on the Internet and Interactive Learning Environments.

9:00 Break

9:15 39-4 DONOVAN, SAM. BioQUEST, Beloit College, Beloit, WI. The Biology Student Workbench: Resources for Bioinformatics in the Classroom.

9:45 39-5 WATERMAN, MARGARET A* AND ETHEL STANLEY. Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, and BioQUEST, Beloit College, Beloit, WI. Investigative Case-Based Learning.

10:15 Break

10:30 39-6 NIESENBAUM, RICHARD A. Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA. Using technology to broaden the scientific experience through project based learning.

11:00 39-7 MICKLE, JAMES E. North Carolina State University, Raleigh. LeafLab: A research simulation to foster the students experience in the process of science.

11:30 Discussion



Presiding: Lee B. Kass, L.H. Bailey Hortorium, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853 and Natural Sciences, Elmira College, Elmira, NY 14901. Tele: 607-255-2131, E-mail:

8:15 40-1 McCourt, Richard M.*, Earle E. Spamer, Alfred E. Schuyler, and Meredith A. Lane. Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, PA. Saving an American Treasure: Restoring the Herbarium of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

SESSION 41 OCC, B 117-119

CONTRIBUTED PAPERS: ASPT / Systematics Section, BSA - Angiosperm phylogeny

Presiding: RAYMOND CRANFILL, Department of Integrative Biology, University and Jepson Herbaria, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720. Tele: 510-642-3506 E-mail:

8:30 41-1 PRYER, KATHLEEN M.1*; HARALD SCHNEIDER1; ALAN R. SMITH2; PAUL G. WOLF3; RAYMOND C. CRANFILL2; JEFFREY S. HUNT1; AND SEDONIA D. SIPES3. 1The Field Museum, Chicago, IL; 2University of California, Berkeley; 3Utah State University, Logan. The closest living relative to seed plants: insights from four genes and morphology.

8:45 41-2 BARKMAN, TODD J.; JOEL R. MCNEAL; GORDON CHENERY; AND CLAUDE W. DEPAMPHILIS.* Pennsylvania State University, University Park; Montomery Bell Academy, Nashville, TN. Evolutionary genomic analyses converge on basal angiosperm phylogeny.

9:00 41-3 GRAHAM, SEAN W*; HARDEEP RAI; PATRICK REEVES; HEATH O'BRIEN; AND RICHARD OLMSTEAD. University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, University of Washington, Seattle. Inference of seed plant phylogeny from multiple chloroplast genes.

9:15 41-4 KELCH, DEAN G.*; AND RAYMOND CRANFILL. University of California, Berkeley. Seed plant phylogeny: the yew-conifers and a farewell to the anthophyte hypothesis.

9:30 41-5 HILU, KHIDIR W*; THOMAS BORSCH2; JENS ROHWER3; CHRISTOPH NEINHUIS2; TRACEY SLOTTA1; BIRGIT GEMEINHOLZER4; MICHAEL WINK4; AND LAWRENCE A. ALICE5. 1Virginia Tech, Blacksburg; 2Universitat Bonn, Germany; 3Johannes Butenberg Universitat, Germany; 4Institut fur Pharmazeutische Biologie, Heidelberg, Germany; 5Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green. Insight into the evolution of angiosperms: evidence from matK sequences.

9:45 41-6 CRANFILL, RAYMOND. University of California, Berkeley. Phylogenetic utility of plastid ribosomal protein S4 (rps4) in land plants.

10:00 BREAK

10:15 41-7 BORSCH1, THOMAS*; KHIDIR W. HILU2; VOLKER WILDE3; CHRISTOPH NEINHUIS1; AND WILHELM BARTHLOTT 1. 1Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany; 2Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg; 3Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg, Paläobotanik, Frankfurt, Germany. Phylogenetic analysis of noncoding chloroplast DNA sequences reveals Amborella as basal most angiosperm.

10:30 41-8 ENDRESS, PETER K.*; AND ANTON IGERSHEIM. University of Zurich, Switzerland. Floral structure of Amborella the earliest branching extant angiosperm.

10:45 41-9 MAGALLÓN, SUSANA A. University of California, Davis. Extinct and extant Hamamelidoideae: phylogeny and character evolution.

11:00 41-10 SENTERS1, ANNE E.*; DOUGLAS E. SOLTIS1; PAMELA S. SOLTIS1; MICHAEL ZANIS1; SANGTAE KIM2; JAMES D. THOMPSON1; AND ELIZABETH A. ZIMMER3. 1 Washington State University, Pullman; 2 Seoul National University, Korea; 3 Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC. Phylogenetic relationships among eudicots based on a combined data set of four genes: rbcL, atpB,18S rDNA, and 26S rDNA.

11:15 41-11 MAGALLÓN, SUSANA A.*; MICHAEL J. SANDERSON; JAMES A. DOYLE; AND MARTIN F. WOJCIECHOWSKI. University of California, Davis. Analysis of molecular and paleontological data.

11:30 41-12 NICKRENT, DANIEL L. 1*; CHRISTOPHER L. PARKINSON 2; JEFFREY D. PALMER 2; AND R. JOEL DUFF 3. 1Southern Illinois University, Carbondale; 2Indiana University, Bloomington; 3University of Akron, OH. Parsimony and likelihood analyses of genes from all three subcellular genomes strongly support major land plant phylogenetic relationships.


SYMPOSIUM: Historical Section, BSA - Botany in the age of Mendel: A symposium in honor of the centennial of the rediscovery of Mendel, and the 50th year anniversary of the publication of G.L. Stebbins' Variation and Evolution in Plants

Organized by: Vassiliki Betty Smocovitis, Department of History, 4131 Turlington Hall, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611. Tele: 352-392-0271, E-mail:

Presiding: Vassiliki Betty Smocovitis, University of Florida, Gainesville.

8:30 42-1 Kass, Lee B. Cornell University, Ithaca, NY and Elmira College, Elmira, NY. Barbara McClintock, *Botanist, Cytologist, Geneticist.

9:00 42-2 Kimmelman, Barbara. Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science, Philadelphia, PA. "Playing Catch-Up? An Institutional Interpretation of Mendel's Two Receptions, 1865-1900"

9:30 BREAK

9:45 42-3 Smocovitis, Vassiliki Betty. University of Florida, Gainesville. Plant Genetics after Mendel: E.B. Babcock, G. Ledyard Stebbins and the Genus Crepis.

10:15 42-4 Jones, David A. University of Florida, Gainesville. Plant Genetics at Rothamstead, Cambridge and the "John Innes"; 1856-1960.

10:45 42-5 KLEINMAN, KIM J. Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis. Genetics at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

BUSINESS MEETING: Paleobotanical Section, BSA. OCC, A 107-109 - 8:30- 9:30 AM

Presiding: JAMES F. BASINGER, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK Canada S7N 5E2, Tele: 306-966-5684, E-mail:

SESSION 43 OCC, C 125-126

CONTRIBUTED PAPERS: ABLS / Bryological and Lichenological Section, BSA - Bryophyte and lichen ecology and floristics

Presiding: James P. Bennett, Institute for Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin, 504 Walnut St., Madison, WI 53705-2335. Tele: 608-262-5489, E-mail:

9:00 43-1 MILLER, DONNA H.*, HARVEY A. MILLER, SHILOH JONES and PAUL SPARKMAN. University of West Alabama, Livingston. Bryophytes of the Alabama Black Belt chalklands.

9:15 43-2 SILLETT, STEPHEN C.*, BRUCE McCUNE, JERILYNN E. PECK and THOMAS R. RAMBO. Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA. Four years of epiphyte colonization in Douglas-fir forest canopies.

9:30 43-3 STARK, LLOYD R. University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Widespread sporophyte abortion following summer rains in Mojave Desert populations of Grimmia orbicularis.

9:45 43-4 BRATT, CHARIS C.* and DANIEL LAHR. Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, Santa Barbara, CA. A comparison of the lichens on deciduous and non-deciduous oaks.

10:00 BREAK

10:15 43-5 RUSSELL, ANGELA J.*, RIADH FRANCIS, ROBERTO LIGRONE, JEFFREY G. DUCKETT and DAVID READ. Queen Mary and Westfield College, London, England. Symbiotic fungal associations in liverworts.

10:30 43-6 WILL-WOLF, SUSAN. University of Wisconsin, Madison. Lichen communities of old-growth vs. managed forests in northern Great Lakes states.

10:45 43-7 GIGNAC, L. DENNIS*, LINDA A. HALSEY and DALE H. VITT. University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. Evaluating GCM outputs for 0ka BP and 6ka BP using the distribution of Sphagnum-dominated peatlands in North America.

11:00 43-8 McCUNE, BRUCE. Oregon State University, Corvallis. Lichen transplant results pose a treetop paradox.

SESSION 44 OCC, A 103-104

CONTRIBUTED PAPERS: Developmental and Structural Section, BSA - Leaf structure and development

Presiding: ROBERT W. KORN, Department of Biology, Bellarmine College, Louisville, KY 40205. Tele: 502-452-8200, E-mail:

9:00 44-1 SUD, RUCHIRA M.* AND NANCY G. DENGLER. University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Cell lineage of vein formation in variegated leaves of the C4 grass Stenotaphrum secundatum.

9:15 44-2 COOPER, RANESSA L.* AND DAVID D. CASS. University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. Leaf structure of Salix species (Salicaceae) endemic to the Lake Athabasca sand dunes of northern Saskatchewan, Canada.

9:30 44-3 MELOCHE, CHRISTOPHER G.* AND PAMELA K. DIGGLE. University of Colorado, Boulder. Patterns of carbon allocation in Acomastylis rossii (Rosaceae) an alpine plant exhibiting extreme preformation.

9:45 44-4 KORN, ROBERT W. Bellarmine College, Louisville. - Developmental leaf spots.

10:00 BREAK

10:15 44-5 CAMPBELL, LISA M.*, DENNIS WM. STEVENSON, AND GUSTAVO A. ROMERO-GONZáLEZ. New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, and Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. Anatomical features of Aratitiyopea (Xyridaceae).

10:30 44-6 LUCKOW, MELISSA. Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. Leaf anatomy of three genera of Malagasy mimosoid legumes: adaptations to xeric habitats.

10:45 44-7 HILL, JEFFREY P. Idaho State University, Pocatello. Sporophyll pinna meristem development in Ceratopteris richardii.


CONTRIBUTED PAPERS: Genetics Section, BSA - Genetics of economically important species

Presiding: James H. Price, Department of Soil and Crop Sciences, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 77843-2474. Tele: 409-845-8294, E-mail:

9:30 45-1 PRICE, H. JAMES*, M. NURUL ISLAM–FARIDI, AND DAVID M. STELLY. Texas A&M University, College Station. Molecular cytogenetic mapping of Sorghum chromosome 1.

9:45 45-2 WAITT, DAMON E.*, SARAH HOFFMAN, AND JOCYLEN FOURNET. Southwestern University, Georgetown, TX. Meristic variation in wild and cultivated populations of Phlox drummondii.

10:00 45-3 ALLPHIN, LOREEN*, TATE TISCHNER, KEVIN CHASE, JIM ORF, FRED ADLER, AND KARL G. LARK. Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, and University of Minnesota, St. Paul. Genetics of seed abortion and reproductive traits in soybean, Glycine max (L.) Merr. I.

10:15 45-4 TISCHNER, TATE*, LOREEN ALLPHIN, KEVIN CHASE, JIM ORF, FRED ADLER, AND KARL G. LARK. Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, and University of Minnesota, St. Paul. Genetics of seed abortion and reproductive traits in soybean, Glycine max (L.) Merr. II.

10:30 45-5 KHAILENKO, NINA A. AND VLADIMIR A. KHAILENKO. Genetics and Bioengineering National Centre of Biotechnology, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan. Interspecific crossings in genetic investigations of common wheat.

10:45 45-6 BOGDANOVA, E. D. AND K. KH. MAKHMUDOVA. Genetics and Bioengineering NCB Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan. Mutations with non–standard spike morphology in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

11:00 45-7 MORRISON, LAURA A.*, LISELE CREMIEUX, ROBERT S. ZEMETRA, OSCAR RIERA–LIZARAZU, AND CAROL MALLORY–SMITH. Oregon State University, Corvallis, and University of Idaho, Moscow. Gene flow in the crop–weed complex of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and jointed goatgrass (Aegilops cylindrica Host).


CONTRIBUTED PAPERS: Physiological Section, BSA - Physiology and biotechnology

Presiding: PETER F. STRAUB, Biology Program, The Richard Stockton College, Pomona, New Jersey, 08240, Tele: 609-652-4556, E-mail:

11:00 46-1 GURALNICK, LONNIE J.*; MAURICE SB KU; GERALD E. EDWARDS; VINCENT R. FRANCESCHI; AND BRANDON HOCKEMA. Western Oregon University, Monmouth; Washington State University, Pullman; and University of Florida, Lake Alfred. Induction of the CAM pathway in the C4 plant, Portulaca grandiflora.

11:15 46-2 ALOKAM, SUNEETHA*; CHENDANDA C. CHINNAPPA; AND DAVID M. REID. University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Red/Far red light-mediated shade avoidance stem elongation response and anthocyanin accumulation in alpine and prairie ecotypes of Stellaria longipes.

11:30 46-3 STRAUB, PETER F. The Richard Stockton College, Pomona, NJ. Construction of a putA -GUS reporter gene for insertion in the nitrogen fixing symbiont Bradyrhizobium japonicum.

11:45 46-4 FAN, SHUGUO*; CHENGYE LIANG; AND HONGXIAN LIU. Academia Sinica, Guangzhou, P.R. China. Somaclonal male sterile mutants and their expressions in male sterile rice (Oryza sativa L.) somaclones.

BUSINESS MEETING: Genetics Section, BSA. OCC, B 116. 11:15-12:30 PM

Presiding: JERI W. HIGGINBOTHAM, Division of Natural Sciences, Transylvania University, Lexington, KY 40508-1797. Tele: 606-233-8241, E-mail:

BUSINESS MEETING: ABLS. OCC, C 125-126 - 11:30-12:30 PM

Presiding: Robert S. Egan, Department of Biology, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Omaha, NE 68182-0040. Tele: 402-554-2491, E-mail:

BUSINESS MEETING: Historical Section, BSA. OCC, C 120 - 11:30-12:00 PM

Presiding: Vassiliki Betty Smocovitis, Department of History, 4131 Turlington Hall, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611. Tele: 352-392-0271, E-mail: